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Ambleside Online
A free, complete k-12 Charlotte Mason curriculum online.

Old Fashioned Education

A free, nearly complete k-12 Charlotte Mason curriculum online.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschooling
A free, online K- 8 Curriculum online.

Free Online English Resources

English Composition

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
This online course provides instruction and practice in the development of basic writing composition skills necessary for college-bound students. Each explanatory section comes complete with assignments. Also included is instruction in how to write four different types of essays: Informal, thesis/support, argumentative, and exploratory. This course could be used as a stand-alone course in composition, or the course segments distributed over several years of high school as part of another English course.

Supplemental Resources: The Elements of style, by Strunk

English Grammar

The Internet Grammar of English
This is an online course in English grammar originally designed for university undergraduates. It incorporates interactive and self-correcting exercises, and is a complete course in English grammar, easy to use. Because this is a British site, grammar terms may be slightly different than those commonly used in the United States. (English Department, University College London)

Grammar and Writing
This is an interactive course in grammar applied to writing. Includes many online interactive quizzes and complete explanations of English grammar, with applications to written composition. (Capital Community College, Hartford, CT)


SCORE CyberGuides, 9-12
SCORE CyberGuides are model literature units based on the California state standards. Each unit provides comprehension, analysis, and extension activities based on literature. 43 different book units are available; select according to student interest and reading level. All are appropriate literature selections for high school study.

NOTE: You will need to locate a copy of each book. Some units use books that are available completely online. The following books from the SCORE CyberGuides unit series may be read online or downloaded free in their entirety:

Huckleberry Finn (also available on audiobook)

The Canterbury Tales

Cyrano de Bergerac

Great Expectations (also available on audiobook)


Julius Caesar

My Antonia

Romeo & Juliet

The Tempest
British Poetry of World War 1
A series of free online seminars exploring the poetry of World War I. In addition to traditional literary analysis, teaches students to evaluate original manuscripts (provided in digital format). For advanced students. (Oxford University, England)

Creative Writing

BBC’s Get Writing Course
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of instruction and practical application exercises. Explore the site, then click on “mini-courses” to get started. (British Broadcasting Corporation)


The Basics of Screenwriting
A six-module course covering these topics: The Premise, Character Development, Screenplay Structure and Visual Storytelling, Setting the Scene, and Formatting Your Masterpiece. (American Film Institute)


News Writing
This is a video instruction series in the basics of journalism. 15 half-hour video segments, using online video-on-demand, with commentary by leading journalists.

NOTE 1: Requires DSL broadband connection.

NOTE 2: There is an optional a student text and teacher’s guide to accompany this video online course, but they must be purchased. The books are not absolutely necessary to use the video course. You may wish to listen to each segment, then design your own assignment to practice the video segment topic.


Debate Central
This will link you to many resources on debate, including a 13-part “Critical Advocacy” streaming video series on the how-tos of debate (you will need at least the free version of RealPlayer to view these videos). Also included is the free syllabus, course instruction videos, and free online debate textbook used for Dr. Snider’s Fundamentals of Debate course at the University of Vermont. Used together, these resources could comprise a full-year debate course for high school English. (University of Vermont)

Free Online Math Resources

Math Worksheet Site
This is a subscription site, but they have an awesome free section as well. This could easily cover your complete math needs for the whole school year for several students. The free section is certainly a great sampling of what is available.

Algebra 1

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Basic Algebra course; interactive with online video. Originally designed for teacher training. (Annenburg/CPB)

NOTE: Requires DSL broadband connection


Basic geometry course; interactive with online video. Originally designed for teacher training. (Annenburg/CPB)

Geometry of Art & Architecture
This companion site to a Dartmouth College course provides an approach to geometry that may be particularly appealing to arts-oriented students. (Dartmouth College).

Supplement this course with Euclid’s Elements.

Probability & Statistics

Elementary Statistics
A basic elementary statistics course complete with 12 thirty-minute video lectures, assignments, quizzes, online calculator, and exams with answer keys. A complete statistics course. (Sofia Open Content Initiative)

Against All Odds: Introductory Statistics
This online video course includes 26 half-hour video modules and introduces the basic principles of statistics.

NOTE 1: Requires DSL broadband connection.

NOTE 2: Optional textbooks to accompany this course may be purchased.

Supplemental Resource: AP Statistics Course Description and Syllabi You must register (it’s free) first, then you may download any AP Course Description and sample syllabi

Free Online Science Resources


AP Biology Online Syllabus
This is a massive and well-organized site, which includes reading assignments, teacher's lecture outlines, a timetable for the course, selections from online textbooks and hypermedia from leading colleges and universities (including MIT), and a large number of well-selected online activities to support learning the course material, including links to virtual labs. Although technically not an "online course," the materials could be used as is, accompanied by the recommended textbook, to more than meet the instructional requirements of AP Biology. You will need to purchase or borrow the required textbook, Biology(4th ed.), by Peter Raven & George Johnson. (McGraw-Hill, Publishers).

Supplemental Resource: AP Biology Course Description and Syllabi You must register (it’s free) first, then you may download any AP Course Description and sample syllabi


General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II
(Less like a course and more like an online textbook) For advanced students with an excellent math background.

Concept Development Studies in Chemistry
An online chemistry textbook.


Physics I Online Course Outline
This site is actually a hyperlinked online textbook, not a full course. For advanced students.

Physics I, 8.01
This course is a first-semester college freshman level physics course available free in its entirety, including 35 videotaped lectures, from the MIT OpenCourseWare project.

“8.01 is a first-semester freshman physics class in Newtonian Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Kinetic Gas Theory. The website features lecture notes, problem sets with solutions, exams with solutions, links to related resources, and a complete set of videotaped lectures. The 35 video lectures by Professor Lewin, were recorded on the MIT campus during the Fall of 1999. Prof. Lewin is well-known at MIT and beyond for his dynamic and engaging lecture style.”

The entire course, including video lectures, may be downloaded. For advanced high school students who are ready for college-level work.
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare Project)

Environmental Science


From Stargazers to Starships
A complete course, physics and algebra-based. (U. S. Government, NASA)

Teacher’s Guide to From Stargazers to Starships

Nature Studies

Child & Nature Network  - offers a free guide to starting Family Nature Clubs.


American History

Digital History
This includes a free hyperlinked online U. S. History textbook, learning modules, classroom handouts and worksheets, active and problem-based learning activities, multimedia including online e-lectures, online virtual exhibits, and links to hundreds of primary sources and history reference materials. This site can be used to create either basic or AP U. S. History course content. (University of Houston)

Supplemental Resource: AP U. S. History Course Description and Syllabi You must register (it’s free) first, then you may download any AP Course Description and sample syllabi.

Maine Studies

HOME: The Story of Maine is a 13-part video series and accompanying website created by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. This series is a complete exploration of Maine history and culture (including Native American contributions). Five of the videos may be viewed online at the website; Maine educators (including homeschoolers) are allowed to tape episodes for educational use when they are aired periodically on MPBN television stations, or they may be ordered for the price of a blank videotape from the Maine State Library's Educational Video Services (details here: The website also includes history timelines for each century; arts and culture timelines; Native American cultural resources; and detailed lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, to accompany each of the 13 video segments. This website and the accompanying video series provides a comprehensive, high school level Maine studies course. (Maine Public Broadcasting Network)


My Own Business
Course List an online course on starting your own business. Includes 12 session modules, short audio lectures, and specific assignments. NOTE: Be sure to select the “free course” option. (My Own Business private company, in cooperation with the U. S. Small Business Administration)

Supplemental materials: Find many other free online business and entrepreneurship courses, curriculum, materials, and templates at the Small Business Administration website.

Western Civilization

The Western Tradition
Video instructional series; 52 half hour programs covering the scope of Western civilization. Uses video-on-demand, playable from the site.

NOTE 1: Requires DSL broadband connection.

NOTE 2: Site lists an optional textbook; if you choose to use this you will need to purchase or borrow it.

History of Religion in America


Physical Education I

This course was originally part of BYU’s independent study program. This is a comprehensive one-semester college-level physical education class, appropriate for older high school students. (Brigham Young University)

NOTE: Requires access to a local bowling alley.

Physical Education II

Intermediate Swimming
This course was originally part of BYU’s independent study program. This is a comprehensive one-semester college-level physical education class, appropriate for older high school students. (Brigham Young University)

NOTE: Requires access to a local swimming pool.


German I

Beginners German
This provides a full German I course online, including extensive instruction in German grammar. 20 chapters of which 12 are currently online, practice exercises, online grammar lectures and reference section. Includes sound files. (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)

Icelandic I

Icelandic Online: Modern Icelandic Language and Culture
Includes all instructional materials and sound files. (University of Iceland)

Italian I

Oggi e Domani
A complete, online Italian I course with interactive instructional components, sound files, quizzes, and tests. (University of New York at Brooklyn)

French I & II

Francais Interactif
This is a complete college-level first year French course (corresponding to French I and French II of high school level French; one semester of college coursework usually equals one year of high school coursework). This course includes all the basics of language study -- vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, culture, and practice. The site is complete with sound files, grammar exercises, cultural information, videos, and even internet explorations. Grammar explanations and practice link to a clever sister site, Tex's French Grammar, which provides detailed grammar explanations for the entire French grammar plus sound files and interactive exercises for grammar practice. For high school French I, use chapters 1 through 6; for French II, use chapters 7 through 13. (University of Texas - Austin).

Ancient Greek I

Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus
This extensive, complete curriculum guide includes detailed lesson plans for the teacher, materials for the student, and student exercises. The curriculum guide accompanies the textbook, Thrasymachus, by C. W. E. Peckett and A. R. Munday, and was written by a professor of classics at Duquesne University and a high school teacher of Greek and Latin at St. Paul's School (a private independent school). You will need to download a Greek font for your computer (directions are included). (Alison Barker)

NOTE: It is helpful to have the textbook Thrasymachus, published by C. W. E. Peckett and A. R. Munday, Bristol Classical Press, 1990. However, it is possible to use the curriculum guide as is if you do not have access to the book.


Music Theory

Introduction to Music Theory
A basic music theory course; includes instruction, assignments, and sound files.

Music Appreciation

Sound Reasoning
This is a music appreciation course with built-in “listening galleries” and an interactive online workbook. (Anthony Brandt, Connexions)


Computer Applications

Web Page Authoring
This is a college freshman level course in the basics of html and web page design. Suitable for high school students. (Sofia Open Content Initiative).

Computer Applications Tutorials
Links to online tutorials for many major commercial software programs, including PowerPoint, JAVA, Eudora, SPSS, PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro, Illustrator, HyperStudio, and Excel. (emTech)

LIBRARY SKILLS This link will take you to a listing of libraries around the state.


Free Curriculum Materials & Online Resources

Freely Educate
A blog offering a variety of resources free for educational purposes.

Free Firewood:
Free online courses, curriculum guides, textbooks & reference materials. Foreign language, English & Language Arts, and 19th Century Schoolbooks links have been posted.

SCORE Cyberguides:
Free, extensive literature units for grades K-12

MIT OpenCourseWare
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology places most of their course materials free online for anyone to use. Some of the course packages are very complete, and advanced high school homeschoolers would be able to study the materials on their own.
CurrClick - a weekly email newsletter advertising their items for sale. Always includes 1 free download item. Their website also has a small selection of free downloads all the time.

Homeschool Helper
Free lapbooking resources available

Project Gutenberg
Free public domain books (old classics) can be downloaded and printed out to use. This can be an excellent resource to acquire classics and older works that may now be out of print.

The Baldwin Project
Free public domain books, more specifically designed to be used with children. Many classic titles that are used in Classical and Charlotte Mason approaches to homeschooling.

A website with a host of free information for parents, teachers and students.  There are lesson plans, activities, games and much, much more.  While the site is obviously geared toward the public school sector there is much that homeschoolers can use available there.

Free Advanced Placement Courses

The College Board's Advanced Placement Course Descriptions:
Complete course descriptions with sample test questions for all the Advanced Placement courses.

Free Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

Science & Technology, K-6:
The New South Wales, Australia, science & technology curriculum, complete with lesson plans, experiments, and activities.

Free Classical Homeschooling Materials

Extensive website on Christian classical homeschooling, including the free "1000 Good Books" booklist

The Perseus Project:
The Internet's largest digital library of classical and Renaissance texts and primary source materials. For advanced classical education students.

Free Textbooks

19th Century Schoolbooks: University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library Demonstration Project:
Free full texts of 19th century schoolbooks.

Free Reference Materials
The most complete collection of dictionaries on the internet. Includes 250+ languages, plus 85 specialty dictionaries for various fields of study.

Free Test Materials

New York State Regents Examinations:
In New York State public schools, students must pass subject-area Regents exams at the high school level. This site contains sample Regents exams and answer keys. This site may be useful for homeschoolers who want to use the materials informally to determine whether or not a high school subject has been mastered, or to use to test out of material the student already knows.

Free Organizers & Homeschool Helps

Young Minds:
The web's best site for free homeschool organizers, calendars, and other helpful materials.

The Original Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Series:
The Charlotte Mason books are in the process of being digitized and made available free online.

Homeschool Tracker
This free record keeping system works well with any homeschool method.
Donna has many free organizational helpers on her site.

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