Standardized Testing

Standardized achievement testing is one method of annual assessment that fulfills the assessment obligation under Maine homeschool law. Standardized testing is available to students and families throughout the year at the HOME office, both for personal information and for annual assessment purposes.

Standardized testing dates are scheduled for all grades beginning in mid-May through mid-June. Call the HOME office before May 1 to reserve your space and save on testing fees! Individual testing dates may be scheduled at any time throughout the year. Thanks!!

When using this option for annual assessment purposes, please plan ahead in order to comply with the law in a timely manner. Schedule tests early in the spring, if possible. Test orders and test results sometimes take weeks to arrive, especially during the late spring and summer months. Assessment results are due in to the local school superintendent and Maine Department of Education by September 1. Follow these steps to participate in achievement testing through HOME:

  •  Contact the HOME Office for testing fees (207-763-2880). Fees will vary.

  •  Order the appropriate test through HOME.

  •  Schedule testing dates through HOME.

  •  Talk to your child about what the experience will be like, and suggest test strategies.

  •  Make sure your child is well rested, is not ill and has a healthy meal before testing.

  •  Encourage your child to put forth his best effort.

  •   Plan for a special treat after testing!