HOME Portfolio Evaluations

This year, support your state homeschool organization with a HOME Portfolio Evaluation!  

Maine law requires homeschoolers who have filed letters of intent to homeschool to submit the results of assessments, annually, to both the local superintendent's office and the Maine Department of Education in Augusta at the end of each school year, no later than September 1.

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) provides a convenient method for annual assessment, which fulfills the requirements of our homeschool statute. Portfolio reviews through HOME are easy, inexpensive, and require a minimal amount of preparation for the homeschooling parent! By participating in a portfolio review through HOME, you will also be supporting your state homeschool organization! (Click here, to find out why supporting HOME is so important.)

HOME Portfolio Reviews are offered two ways:  

1. Mail-in of Drop-Off your portfolio for review. The printable Portfolio Evaluation Packet provides assembly instructions, helpful tips, a wide variety of record keeping pages, and all essential information needed to complete and prepare a portfolio to mail-in or drop-off for review. To participate, you will need to complete the pre-registration form, and mail it to HOME by June 1.

2. Participate in a group portfolio review session. Group portfolio review sessions provide an opportunity to fellowship with other homeschoolers, and share what homeschooling was like for your family during the past academic school year. A Maine certified teacher and veteran homeschool leader will facilitate discussion and answer questions. Come to learn, connect, support and uplift one another! To participate, you will need to complete a pre-registration form, and mail it to HOME by June 1. Space is limited for these sessions, so please register early. You will also need to complete and bring a Group Portfolio Review Packet. 

To participate, please follow these steps:

• Download your preferred portfolio review packet (see above), complete the pre-registration form that is included, and mail it to HOME by June 1.

• Option 1 - Mail-in or drop-off your completed portfolio to HOME by July 1, OR bring your portfolio to be reviewed during Adventure Weekend. Portfolios that arrive after July 1 may be charged a late fee. 

   Option 2 - Bring the required information to the Group Portfolio Review Session that you pre-registered for. Be prepared to share progress and achievements, as well as challenges.  For more information on upcoming Portfolio Review Days click here.

• Portfolio Evaluation Cost for Pre-registerd Participants: $39 per child for those who are members of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Portfolio evaluations are $49 for non-members. An HSLDA application can be requested from the HOME Office at 207-763-2880.

• No fees will be refunded.