Our Annual Convention

5 Top Reasons to Attend the HOME Convention Each Year!


What does the HOME Convention offer that makes it so special?


1. Books, books and more books! The HOME Convention is a place to see, touch and ask questions about all those homeschool products that you have seen online and in homeschool magazines and catalogs. Knowledgeable experts and experienced veterans will be standing by to help you find your way through the curriculum maze!  


2. Inspiration! Speakers and workshops bring you education and new information to use in your homeschool. Encouragement and support brings enthusiasm and a renewed spirit. Your family deserves to have you at your best!


3. Family fun and fellowship at a great resort location! We want you to enjoy your time at the HOME Convention, so we offer plenty of family friendly activities, and lots of time to socialize with other homeschoolers! Where else can you find such a reasonably priced family or winter getaway with something for everyone?


4. Time alone with your spouse! For some couples, this event is the only time during the year that they have a chance to be together to reconnect as a couple, and refocus on specific needs and goals for their children.


5. Motivation! This is just the place to fill up your tank and get going again. Don’t stay stuck in a rut. Get to the HOME Convention!