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Switch from “NAPS” to “RAPPS”


It’s time for a switch in “lingo.” For decades, when referring to Option 2 in our Law Summary, we have used the phrase “non-approved private school” (NAPS). However, the Department of Education recently tweaked the “guidelines,” and now calls them “recognized for attendance purposes” private schools. This is not inconsistent with applicable law. We will start using the new lingo, and will refer to these schools as “RAPPS,” Recognized for Attendance Purposes Private Schools.


New Subjects for RAPPS


In “tweaking” the guidelines for recognized private schools, the Department also added two new subjects to the list of required subjects for RAPPS: health education and fine arts. This is not inconsistent with current law. If you are the administrator of a RAPPS, your next annual letter should confirm that your school will provide instruction in those subjects, as well as the others. Read more about RAPPS Guidelines here


Special Education Services


Those filing letters of intent to homeschool (Opion 1 in our Law Summary) have little to no chance of receiveing special education services through the public school. But there is a readily available alternate route for access to special education services.


A family who has been using Option 1 can switch to Option 2 (recocnized private school). Private school students have access to special education services. Many such schools are set up so that the private school instruction is delivered by the parents in their respective homes. All the best things about homeschooling continue.


If you are a homeschooler who needs access to special education services, consider enrolling in a recognized private school that is friendly toward parent-delivered instruction. Families using Option 2 are still eligible for membership in HSLDA. In fact, HSLDA membership is highly recommended!

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