Convention Time Preparations

Now is the time to prepare for an enjoyable, stress free Convention!

  • If you will be staying overnight, make your reservations early. Click here for accommodations at the Convention.
  • Make plans for your children. Children are welcomed as paid registrants to the Convention. We have planned several workshops of interest to children and families. Parents must be in attendance with their child(ren) during all workshops and general sessions. In case of an emergency at home, a message can be left for you at the Samoset (800)341-1650.
  • Save money by sending in your registration form before the pre-registration cut off date.
  • Invite your Pastor, family and others who are interested in attending the convention. Also, contact HOME if you need more Convention newsletters to give to others.
  • CAREFULLY READ ALL CONVENTION INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY THE PROGRAM that you will receive at the convention, so that you do not miss out on important information.
  • Some vendors have material on site for purchase, so PLAN AHEAD if you are thinking of buying.
  • If you are bringing your younger children, make plans for their naptime, fussiness during a workshop session, etc., so you can still attend those sessions you desire. Also make tentative plans for teens for when they will not be participating in workshops, etc. (ALL children are the parents responsibility at all times during the Convention.)
  • Review your children’s learning style and your records to know what types of materials have and have not worked for them.
  • Look over the WORKSHOP SCHEDULE and select the workshops you plan to attend. Divide to conquer: plan ahead with your spouse and/or friends which sessions to attend and which sessions to take notes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and bring paper and several pens for taking notes.
  • ABOVE ALL: PRAY for God’s wisdom and direction for you and your family, and for the HOME Board as the Convention time draws near!