Frequently Asked Questions about HOME


What is HOME all about and why does it exist?

Homeschoolers of Maine is a non-profit, Christian ministry dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting parent-directed home education in the State of Maine. We believe that every family has the God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children, regardless of their philosophy of education or religious affiliation.  


What is necessary to maintain a favorable legal climate and protect the future freedoms of home educators in Maine and in our nation?

Over the years, HOME has remained vigilant and protective of our homeschool freedoms. News, trends, statistics and legislation related to homeschooling are all carefully monitored throughout the year. Any possible impact or threat is researched, evaluated and discussed. Before taking action on an issue, counsel is sought from trusted organizations such as Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Once a decision is made, homeschool families are alerted. The HOME website, e-mail, and facebook are all utilized to keep the information flowing, so that families can make decisions on issues that might impact their ability to educate their children at home. HOME strongly encourages HSLDA membership. A 15% discount toward a family’s membership dues to HSLDA is available to HOME supporters. 


In what ways does HOME promote home education over alternative forms of education outside of the home?

HOME promotes public awareness of home education through social media outlets, media interviews, press releases, communication with the Department of Education, civic involvement, Home Education Week activities, support of accurate home education research and its publication, and interaction with other state and national institutions and organizations.


How does HOME provide education and training for parents or legal guardians that will equip them to develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of their children?

HOME Regional Representatives and local support networks help to meet the needs of the ever growing number of new homeschoolers in our state. These veteran home educators guide beginners through their first year. HOME publications, email updates, website, facebook page and various facebook groups bring education, news, information and encouragement on an ongoing basis to homeschool families. Our annual convention provides top-notch speakers, workshops and a curriculum fair for continuing education and support for families. Other events and field trips are scheduled throughout the year to bring the homeschool community together for added enrichment and fellowship!


How does HOME operate on a day to day basis?

The HOME Board of Directors meets quarterly to make decisions regarding HOME's events and activities, discuss upcoming legislative issues, and make business decisions, etc. Day to day operations are carried out both at the HOME Office in Hope and virtually by several office assistants and volunteers. Many hours each day are spent responding to inquiries and requests, informing and communicating with the homeschool community, and planning events and activiites for homeschoolers. HOME is working behind the scenes daily throughout the year, but is especially busy in August as many new families get ready to begin their first year of homeschooling in September.


How is HOME funded and how is the money used?

The HOME Used Curriculum Sale, HOME Annual Convention, HOME Portfolio ReviewsHOME Supporters and other smaller fundraising efforts and donations help to carry HOME through the year. Funds are used to pay for the printing of HOME resources and materials, pay office utility bills and contractors, update and maintain our website, computers and other office equipment, purchase office supplies, HOME leadership training, and many other ministry costs. No HOME Board member is paid for their services to the organization. Funds are used to pay for what HOME needs in order to operate, while HOME depends largely on volunteered time to provide services to the homeschooling community.


How can I support the efforts of HOME?

Pray that HOME continues to hold true to a vision for homeschooling that brings glory to God, who entrusted families with the care and nurturing of their children. Join us as a volunteer and help to serve others within the homeschool community. Consider a financial donation. Participate in a HOME Portfolio Review. Attend our annual convention and our annual used curriculum sale. Your involvement in these ways will bring many benefits and blessings to your own family, as well as the many families that we serve!