Protecting Freedom Student Voices

Music performed and submitted by the Beal Family at Roots by the River! 

Please share your submissions, too!

Your Voice Matters!

We need your input for our Protecting Freedom project!  We would love to get submissions from HOME families that we could share here on our website, in our newsletter and/or over social media.  All contributors will receive one free HOME unit study e-book of choice!


Here are some possibilities for submissions:


1.  We are looking for original contributions; this could be a piece of artwork, music, or writing your child has composed on the subject of freedom.  Another idea is to record an original speech OR a declamation on the subject of freedom.  (For example, a dramatic presentation of "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.")  What about recording an original skit OR a short act from a published play?


2.  We would like to collect veteran stories from HOME families as an ongoing part of our Protecting Freedom page.  Is there a grandparent, parent, aunt or uncle, older sibling, or even family friend whose story should be heard?  This could be as simple as a picture done by a kindergartener, or a memoir-type essay by a high school senior.  Perhaps your child could present a polished interview.


3.  Has your child used our FREE "Family and Freedom" unit study?  Consider sharing some of his or her best and most thoughtful work!  


4.  Maybe you and your homeschooler are short on time amid other projects and activities.  A simple snapshot with a label would be welcome.  (For example, "What Freedom Means to Me," "Why Homeschool Freedom is Worth Preserving," "Thank You, Veterans," "I'm Grateful for the Right to....," "Family and Freedom," "Our Voices Matter," etc.)


Thank you for exercising your freedom to educate your family as you see best, for being a part of the work of HOME, and for helping us protect freedom!


Submit Your Work

 To submit your original work, please click on the link below!