How has HOME's ministry made a difference in your homeschooling journey?

Please take a minute to email us (homeschl@midcoast.com) and share a few words to encourage others!


"Your organization has been an amazing source of knowledge and comfort as I've homeschooled my daughter.  I'm so glad your organization exists as mainstream high school was not a very good fit.  I'm glad I was able to instill good values in my daughter and she was able to determine she did not want to be exposed to the things she was being exposed to in our local high school."

-- K.W.


"This is our first year homeschooling our son, and we are so glad we found HOME!   We purchased two of the HOME portfolio binders at the start of the school year and they have been amazing!    Thank you and your team for all that you do!"  

-- C.D.


"We just received a package from you full of school supplies and backpacks for my kids.  What a blessing! Thank you for thinking of our family and allowing God to use you as a vessel to bless us.  If you could have only seen my kids faces as they opened everything ... they are overwhelmed with great fullness." 

-- L.L.


"Your website is amazing, I'm so happy a friend suggested it!"

-- A.M.


"We truly appreciate the support from HOME and are thankful for the services provided!  Our children enjoy being homeschooled and love sharing their portfolio's with family and friends. Thanks for all you do!"

-- E.G.


"I came to the HOME office about 15 years ago to attend one of your Getting Started workshops and took lots of notes while I was there.  Homeschooling has been a wonderful experience for my family - I just love it! You have also answered some of the questions I've had along the way and I have been able to share the information with others.  I just want to thank you for all of the work you have done to help homeschoolers and the help you have given to me personally.  My oldest son has graduated and we have 6 more to go. 

You have been an inspiration to me!"

-- L.B.


"I always highly recommend HOME events to other homeschoolers and especially the convention.  The homeschool convention was the highlight of our homeschooling year.  We were never disappointed with the convention. The speakers were excellent; we all learned so much and felt so motivated to continue homeschooling."

-- S.F. 


"Thank you so much for the accomodation and all the friendly volunteers at the used curriculum sale. I have been homeschooling for 12 years and your sale has been a blessing to me along the way. I have been fortunate to be able to sell a lot of books in the sale the past few years and hopefully help others continue this path. I hope people recognize your immense efforts and contributions to homeschooling in Maine.  Thank you so much for the kindness of all your sale volunteers over the years!"

-- E.F.


"I wanted to thank you for the curriculum scholarship for use at the HOME Convention in March.  I was able to get some really useful things and greatly appreciate your generosity!  My family truly enjoyed the convention, and my husband was amazed at how many parents homeschool!  Once again, thank you for your kindness and helping me as I continue my journey in homeschooling."

-- M.T. 


"We received a backpack and school supplies [Kits for Kids].  Thank you!  We weren't expecting that!  We will treasure it and use it well this year.  Appreciate all that you do!  It really inspired my kids to apply themselves to their school work!  They have been using their school supplies almost every day.  They have made so many creative things with the paper, glue, markers, crayons, and scissors.  The plastic organizer case is a really great idea too!  They love to keep their supplies together.  Wish I could send a video of their excitement!"

-- J.E.


"I can't say thank you enough for the gift for my children.  They were overjoyed by the [Kits for Kids] supplies.  The school supplies were much needed and greatly appreciated.  They were so excited to get a free unity study, too.  Thank you again for all of your support."

-- S.T. 


"Fabulous!! Thank you so much!  We went today [Barnes & Noble Bookfair and Homeschool Mini-Conference] and it was INCREDIBLY helpful.  I am so grateful I found HOME!"

-- C.A.


"Thank you so much!  We are new to Maine and really appreciate what you do."

-- S.H.


"Thank you so much for helping my family during this time. I can't express how truly grateful my husband and I are to be able to have our kids portfolios reviewed this year."

-- S.T.


"Thank you for Homeschoolers of Maine and all it has done and continues to do to keep homeschooling alive and well in Maine."

-- E.B.


"We have attended several of your spring book sales in Augusta.  We always mention that event and your organization to anyone who is interested in homeschooling.  You have been a wonderful resource, and we deeply appreciate your input and assistance.  Anna, our student, will be attending a private college in California this fall.  So many people have been amazed that she could do that after being a homeschooled student.  She received an amazing academic scholarship from her college, as well.  The time invested in her has been so worth it!"

-- P.S.


"Homeschooling has been such a major success.  I could never thank you enough for all the info and advice that you have given to my family.  My family has never been so happy."

-- S.L. 


"Thank you for always being available to answer our questions. I finished homeschooling about 3 years ago.  All four of my children are either attending college or are college graduates.  You were a great source of encouragement while we were in the fray."

-- C.F.


"HOME has been such a blessing to me in the few short months since I was introduced to HOME at the event in Augusta.  Thank you for all you do!"   

-- A.B.


"I know that without HOME's support and encouragement, I would never have made it homeschooling as a single mom.  I can't even begin to list the ways they have encouraged me to hang in there through the years!"  

-- R.H.


"I just received my portfolio back from HOME today.  I have to say thank you so much.  I cannot say it enough.  Without your organization's generosity and support, my homeschooling would not be possible.  It's such a sense of relief that you're there.  Thank you."

-- K.W. 


"HOME has been an amazing resource for us since moving to Maine and beginning homeschooling last year.  From the website full of info and resources, to the leaders who have welcomed us with open arms, to the amazing annual conference where we made friends and learned so much! Thank you, HOME, for all you do!"

-- B.S. 


"Thank you for your help in keeping us informed!  My homeschooling days are long over.  My children are all grown up, but I will want to continue supporting the efforts of homeschoolers in Maine!"

-- B.B.


"I want to say a great 'Thank You!' for all the help and understanding you have had for us through the years of homeschooling.  It was the best thing for my children.  They have said so themselves.  God be with you in the years to come in helping families go through homeschooling."  

-- P.E.


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