Together We Build Our Community!

Parents and children enjoy a sense of community and fellowship when able to gather with other homeschoolers!


HOME sponsors a number of ongoing and annual events that provide homeschoolers with access to information, education and resources, as well as encouragement and support. In addition, HOME coordinates many field trip opportunities and special activities throughout the year. 


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Information & Support

Start Homeschooling with Confidence Workshops - Ongoing throughout the year! 


Homeschooling High School 101 - Ongoing throughout the year! 


HOME Group Portfolio Reviews - Ongoing through spring and summer! 


Protecting Freedom Event - Ongoing  


Start Strong Maine - Ongoing throughout the year!


Shop for Resources

Annual HOME Convention - Spring of each year.


Online Auction - Spring of each year.


Inventory Clearance Sales - Quarterly


Activities & Events

Regional and Special Events - Ongoing throughout the year!


Monthly Sports & Fitness Activities - Ongoing throughout the year! 


LeaderConnect - Winter of every year.


Annual HOME Convention - Spring of each year.


Maine Home Education Week Celebration - First full week of May each year.


HOME Graduation - Spring of each year.


National Lighthouse Day - August of each year.


New England Heritage Days - October of each year.

Full Events Calendar

HOME EVENTS CALENDAR VIEW - Plan ahead for HOME events and add them to your calendar!