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Pre-conference Special - Meet Connie Albers!i

Session Topic: Unshakeable Faith

Date: January 21, 2020

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Zoom 

Cost: FREE! Pre-registration is required. (Those who register for this event will receive a 10% discount on a HOME 2021 Conference registration!)


Interactive and Engaging Sessions with Connie Albers! March 18-20, 2021


DAY 1: Becoming Equipped for Our Times


Session 1, 10:00am: Help for Modern Day Mompreneurs


The rise of Mom-Preneurs in the homeschooling community requires the active pursuit of a healthy balance between their homeschooling, work, and family needs. As a mother of five, active volunteer, business owner, and veteran homeschooler, Connie Albers discusses how to delegate efficiently, set realistic goals, and find work that fits the homeschooling lifestyle. During this presentation, she will share how to manage your homeschool and evaluate your workload so your family runs smoothly. Come and learn from a mom who has lost the balance battle many times, but her resilient spirit, desire to finish well, and not short, her family will help you in your mompreneur journey.


Session 2, 2:00pm: How to Sail Through Life's Storms


Let's be real. Life is full of storms. Sometimes it can feel like you're trying to survive each day. Living beyond survival mode requires being honest about the issues that your family faces and being reminded of the power that comes from the One who can help you sail through them. Learning to navigate stormy waters requires uncommon bravery. We watch how others turn around and get tossed back and forth with every crashing wave. But when faith finds its feet in the hearts of women, Connie believes we will stop merely surviving and start sailing through each storm with confidence. Getting to the heart is one of the key strategies for developing the bravery needed to sail slow and steady. Could you use some encouragement for the assignment God has given you? Join us as we learn how to stop living in survival mode.


Session 3, 4:00pm: TBD


Session 4, 7:00pm: Resilient and Resourceful: Keys to Affording the Homeschool Lifestyle 


After homeschooling five children, getting each one through college, and managing to build a retirement fund in the process, Connie shares her secrets. She knows homeschooling isn't cheap. But it doesn't have to break the budget. She knows rising costs, tough times, and financial shortfalls are common to families. And, indeed, your money doesn't seem to go as far as it once did, but there it is possible. This presentation is packed full of practical information to help you continue your homeschool journey without going broke.


DAY 2: Homeschooling - The Nuts and Bolts


Session 1, 10:00am: Help! I Don't Know What I am Doing


I'm a smart person, so why is this so hard? We place so much pressure on ourselves to know everything before we begin. We feel we have to pick the perfect math, literature, science, art, and planner to believe we are a successful homeschooler. Stop stressing out! Motivating children to learn, love, and listen isn't as hard as we think. After teaching five children from K-12, Connie relates to how you feel. She was there, many times. Join her as she comforts your weary heart and reminds you that you are smart!  


Session 2, 2:00pm: From Notebooking to Online Classes


Connie has navigated the seasons of homeschooling for 25 years. Her knowledge of teaching children according to their strengths and learning style and understanding your teaching style make her a conference favorite. This presentation addresses how to assess what is best for your child and your family from the experience of a mom of five homeschool graduates. She shares stories from what her kids taught her about what worked and what didn't. Hint: every child is different! 


Session 3, 4:00pm: TBD


Session 4, 7:00pm: Cultivate Creativity, Exploration, Innovation in Your Child


Every child is born with a desire to create and innovate. But that can quickly disappear when formal education begins if parents aren't careful. How can homeschool parents cultivate their child's natural curiosity throughout the day without causing chaos? Please grab a cup of coffee and join Connie as she shares how to discover and develop creativity and innovation by helping your child understand their unique skills, strengths, and talents while building close relationships.


DAY 3: Sharpening Our Parenting Skills


Session 1, 10:00am: Raising Godly Children Among Cultural Chaos


How do we raise children in a culture of chaos when confusion and strife surround us? And how do we remain steadfast, while adjusting along the way? While the culture is in chaos, you can tune out the turmoil and provide stability in your home. As the culture shifts, God's Word provides the answers we need to navigate this season knowing we are equipped to lead our family. Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, you can raise your children through it all.


Session 2, 2:00pm: Rules Minus Relationship Equals Rebellion 


Have you made a list of rules only to get discouraged when your teen doesn't follow them? Do you feel your attempts to create close relationships feel one-sided? Rest assured, mom; you aren't alone. While every family needs rules, limits, and boundaries to help protect your child and keep order, they cannot come at the expense of your relationship. It's not the rules that cause our child to rebel. Often something is missing. Connie Albers, the mother of five adult children, shares how to create rules, build a relationship, and reduce rebellion.  


Community Hall

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