Seller Instructions

HOME would like to thank you for your interest in participating in our Annual Used Curriculum Sale. This sale is a highlight for many homeschoolers in our state. It is also an easy way for you to support Homeschoolers of Maine. Your participation as a seller is crucial to the event’s success. Your used books and educational materials may be just what another homeschooler needs!


General Notes 

  • The 2017 Sale is Saturday, May 20. You must drop off your sale items on Friday (the day before), May 19; a friend can do this for you. 
  • Try to register at least one month before the sale to ensure time to prepare your items. Information on how to register is coming soon. The deadline to "Join the Sale" to sell is Wednesday, May 17, 2017 and the deadline to input materials into the program is Thursday, May 18, 2017 at midnight.
  • Sellers don’t need to be present to sell! Registered sellers drop off their pre-labeled items the day before the sale, and HOME does the rest!  
  • There is no registration fee, but HOME will keep 20% of your sales to help finance this event. 
  • There are a few types of items that cannot be accepted into the sale. Click here to see that list. 
  • If you have questions, please contact Raylene Hunt Kane at, or call the HOME Office at 207.763.2880


How the sale works

Although this is our 21st year sponsoring a Used Curriculum Sale, this will be just our fifth year using the online management system called FlashConsign. Your use of this program is FREE. Last year, we did some intense study of this software. We learned some valuable information about how it works, so we hope to have the best and easiest year, so far! Read below for detailed instructions on how to proceed. (Last year, these instructions were emailed to participants, but this year you will find them here so you can refer back to them whenever you need to.)


Using the Seller Software

  1. Go to this link at FlashConsign and look for the words "Join as a Seller" to the left; you'll see a pencil. Under that box click on "Join this Consignment Sale."
  2. A pop-up will appear that asks you if you are new to FlashConsign (on the left) or if you already have an account (on the right). If this is your first time as a seller, click on the words "Apply with a NEW Account." If you have sold items in the last three years, click on the right, “Apply with my EXISTING account.” If you aren't sure, try logging in to your account first.
  3. Write down your password somewhere safe; after you have joined the sale, you can login to your account as needed. Please note, however, that you will not be able to print tags until you receive an Approval email from FlashConsign. 
  4. You may wish to review the FlashConsign Consignor Guide This will tell you all you need to know about how to use the software to its fullest. If you are not able to find answers to your FlashConsign questions in the Consignor Guide, you can contact FlashConsign from any page of their website: near the bottom left of the screen, you will see a "Contact FlashConsign" link. Select this link to view a form to send a question or other messages. Please Note: The contact form should only be used for questions related to using the service. Questions regarding the sale should be directed to the HOME Office at 207.763.2880.


Preparing For the Sale

  1. Volunteering Consider committing to volunteer at least three hours in order to shop the Pre-Sale or the Discount Sale! Go here for more information on being part of the team that makes this sale a success! 
  2.  Supplies Gather your used curriculum, scotch tape, rubber bands and/or plastic bags (for multiple piece items.) It will be helpful to group similar items together. 
  3. Non-Salable Items Review the list of item types that we are no longer accepting into the sale or as donations. As you go through your things, set these things aside. We cannot accept them. 
  4. Pricing Items For help in knowing how to price your items, often looking at other used item sites helps you get an idea what things go for. Amazon and Ebay are good places to start. 
  5. Enter your items into the system. (Remember that the deadline to input materials into the program is Wednesday, May 17th, 2017.) The title might be obscured by the tag, so making sure it is accudrate on the tag is important. Use the Description section to list information that would be helpful to your buyers.  If the author is highly recognized, add the name here. I strongly recommend putting the grade level in this section; many books do not make this information clear. General grade levels would be fine: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School. Sometimes, though, there are actual numerical grade levels. Don’t put down what grade level your child was when you used it; be sure to put what grade level the company that created it indicates it is for. Including the copyright date, and/or edition is also helpful especially if it is a popular item that has had a recent update. Often the edition matters if it will be used in a co-op setting, but individually, as long as all the components are there, or at least still available for purchase, it won’t matter.
  6. Print the tags. Remember, you will not be able to print tags until you receive an Approval email from FlashConsign soon after "Joining" this sale. Set your printer to print in landscape rather than portrait. Print two copies of your labels. Place one of each of these barcoded tags on the top right corner of the front cover. Tape it on all four sides to secure, but not obscuring the barcoding. Tape the second copy of that item’s tag on the first page on the top right corner, or with DVDs/CDs on the inside the cover, or on the back of games. The method and number of tags on each item are important. At last year’s sale we found at least a dozen tags without items, and found more than a dozen items without tags. There is little we can do about tags without items. We made efforts to find them, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack. We cannot sell books that have no tags; be sure they are secure. For multiple pieced items, be sure to put a copy of this item's tag on each piece in case they get separated; mark “1 of 4” and “2 of 4” etc. on the tags after they are printed. Secure multiple piece items with rubber bands, or in clear plastic wrap or bags. Print a list of your items at the “Summary” drop down as a handy reference.

Sale Time

  1. Book Drop Off Plan to drop off your books at the Augusta Armory at 179 Western Avenue on the Friday (DATE) between 10:00am and 1:30pm. You may bring a friend’s books, or send your books with a friend; if you do this, bring with you/send with them a printed copy of their/your Seller’s Release Form (also found in the files section of FlashConsign.) Items cannot be accepted without this form. This drop-off should be pretty quick. Go to the back door accessed from the right side of the building. Pull up and someone will be there to help unload your car. You will hand your Seller Release form to the check-in volunteers and they will make sure it’s signed. They will then go through your books to make sure you haven’t brought any items that are on the “not consignable” list. Please do not plan to park there for any longer than it takes to unload your books. It is a small spot and many sellers will need to use that area. It is an Armory requirement that no one leave their car there.
  2. Shopping Return on Saturday between 8:00 am and 11:30 am to shop the sale. Bring your list of needed items, bags or containers for purchases, and wear comfortable shoes! This will be an intensive time of shopping; you will find it easier to concentrate if you can make childcare arrangement for your little ones. You may pay with cash, checks or credit/debit cards. 
  3. Expo/Lunch Plan to stick around until 12:30 to view our exhibitor tables. If you are staying in the area to pick up unsold items, pack a lunch or, plan to get lunch in town; there are restaurants all along Western Avenue.
  4. Unsold Item Pick-up If you do not plan to shop, but want your unsold items back, please arrive no earlier than 1:30 pm and no later than 2:00 pm on Saturday to pick them up. Items not picked up become the property of HOME.
  5. Sale Earnings The results of the sale may not be available in your FlashConsign account until sometime during the week after the sale. The data from each check-out station needs to be collected and uploaded to the FlashConsign website. Often the coordinators of the sale have been working hard and long in the days and weeks before the sale, so they take the weekend off and start to finish things up on Monday. Patience is a virtue! Seller checks will be sent within three weeks directly to the seller. We will not be giving out money at the sale.



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