General Advertising Opportunities

Annual HOME Sponsor – Sponsor Homeschoolers of Maine for one full year.  An advertisement will be included in each of our monthly HOME Email Updates and on HOME's Business Directory page.  In addition,  annual sponsors will receive one eBlast! and all Convention and Used Curriculum Sale & Expo sponsor benefits.


Home Education Week Sponsor – This annual event is held to celebrate homeschooling in Maine.  A proclamation is issued by the current Maine Governor each year, usually during the month of May. Maine homeschoolers come together during this special week for activities and events either at the Capitol or at other historical sites in Maine.  Sponsoring this event includes receiving an 8 1/2” x 11” poster on the HOME Table, ½ page ad in the Event Program, a link from our website page back to your website, and an eBlast! notification announcing your sponsorship of the event.


Getting Started Workshop Sponsor – Workshops are held throughout the year to share information and encourage those new to or considering homeschooling for their families.  Sponsorship of a single workshop includes being listed as the sponsor in all promotional materials, having a 6’ table at the event and a link from the event page on HOME’s website back to the sponsor’s site. 


HOME Digest – This annual publication reaches hundreds of homeschooling families around the state and beyond.  Copies are sent to every Maine library, as well.  Advertising options in this publication include:  full page ads; ½ page ads; ¼ page ads and business card sized ads.  


HOME Beginner’s Handbook – This annual printed publication reaches over 1000 homeschooling families around the state. Most of the recipients are just beginning to consider homeschooling and are eagerly looking for resources and information to begin their homeschool journey.  Advertising options in this publication include:  full page ads; ½ page ads; ¼ page ads and business card sized ads. 


Email Update Ads – HOME sends out a monthly email update of news and events that impact homeschooling families in the state.  A classified-style ad may be placed in our email update for those who desire the electronic promotion of their business.  Advertising in Email Updates is available on a first come, first served basis, as space allows.


eBlasts! – HOME offers advertisers the opportunity to send out an email eBlast! each month.  Each Blast contains your ad linking back to your website along with that of one other advertiser.  There is a limited amount of availability for advertising through an E-Blast!  Advertising through an E-Blast! is available on a first come, first served basis as space allows. 


HOME Business Directory -   If you are a Maine homeschooling family with a business, let us help you spread the word to other homeschooling families around the state about your product or services.  For businesses with websites, a clickable ad will take folks directly to your website making it easy for potential clients to reach you.



Price & Request Form

The General Advertising Request Form below contains prices of various options.  Deadlines for various advertising options can be found on our website here.

General Advertising Request Form
Please use this form to request your general advertising needs. Submit the form with payment by mail to HOME, P.O. Box 159, Camden, ME 04843.

You can also make payments using PayPal (see Donation button in the margin to the right) and emailing a scanned copy of your form to .
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