Celebrate with HOME on December 3, 2019!


What is #Giving Tuesday

After Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes #Giving Tuesday! Now in its 7th year, #Giving Tuesday is a celebration that has gained momentum and is going strong throughout the world. It’s a day set aside to turn our focus away from consumerism, and set our hearts and minds on the power of charitable giving and service to others.   


Teach Your Children about Charity on #Giving Tuesday

Charity begins at home! True charity means giving a gift without expecting anything in return. You can prepare your children for a special day of giving with HOME’s unit study, The Character of Giving. In this study, your family will learn more about people throughout history whose giving changed the world for the better. You will also create your own plan for giving that will have an impact on the community in which you live. 


Celebrate with HOME on #Giving Tuesday

Be sure to join HOME on Facebook throughout the day on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. As we celebrate, your family will be encouraged, inspired and challenged to get into the spirit of giving. There will be some fun surprises, and we will have gifts to give, too! 


Support HOME and Homeschooling on #Giving Tuesday

As a homeschool family, you understand the need to protect the homeschool freedoms we hold dear! HOME works year round to strengthen and maintain those freedoms. Every day, individual families are blessed by HOME, too. Here is just one example…


"I can't say thank you enough for the gift for my children. They were overjoyed by the [Kits for Kids] supplies. The school supplies were much needed and greatly appreciated.  They were so excited to get a free unity study, too. Thank you again for all of your support."


There are numerous ways to support the work of HOME’s ministry. We'll share them all on #Giving Tuesday!