2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall

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Focusing on faith, knowledge, hope, and the futureSchoolhouseTeachers.com provides support and encouragement to their community of 9000+ homeschooling families through an engaging Facebook group, members-only webinars, free print magazines, and a chat option for course-related or general homeschooling questions.


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HSLDA is a national organization that has worked to protect the freedom to homeschool for over 30 years, partnering with fellow homeschoolers at the federal, state, and local levels. We continue to advocate for homeschooling as we seek to equip parents with valuable tools to educate the next generation. HSLDA members have access to our attorneys and educational coordinators, who can provide legal and homeschool support from preschool through graduation.

A proven homeschooling method for Christian parents. 

We believe that you are the best educator for your children and we make it easy. We have been partnering and equipping families since 1997 through our Classical Christian Communities. 


Utilizing the Classical method of learning, our Christ-centered materials equip parents to feel confident as their children's teacher. We believe that doing life in community provides the perfect accountability and structure for true learning. This family-friendly approach to homeschooling is biblical, simple, covers K4 through college credit, and includes college degree opportunities for parents as well.  


Ready to learn more? www.classicalconversations.com

Questions? Contact Nancy Deveau at ndeveau@classicalconversations.com  

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Roots by the River strives to produce God-honoring, family-friendly materials and desires to encourage and enable parents to faithfully train their children to follow the Lord. 


Our exclusive line of products includes Math for the Master(y), Whatsoever Things novels, Picture Study Packs, Friends for Life Picture Book Studies, and Woman of Virtue journals. 


We also offer a variety of other literature, CDs, copybooks, and photo cards.  The website features articles on Christian living and homeschooling, and we invite you to sign up for our monthly newsletter by entering the 2021 Giveaway on our home page!

Studying is something all students are expected to do, but seldom are they afforded the opportunity to learn how to perform this important task. Students try harder but with few results, once again proving that zeal without knowledge is not good.


The Victus Study Skills System is unique in that it has been developed by professional educators who have seen firsthand what students of all ages need to know in order to be effective in their study. The Latin word victus means a way of life. The Victus Study Skills System is based on the premise that effective study is best when it is a system of study and when it becomes a way of life.


Gordon College is a distinctive blend: an outstanding nationally ranked liberal arts institution that retains its roots in the Christian faith, a strong residential community, and a splendid location—just north of the intellectual hub of Boston, and right near the shoreline of Cape Ann. Our faith is the foundation for all that we are—individually, collectively and institutionally. With a spirit of support and collaboration, we are set free in Christ to think critically, engage new ideas and pursue truth.

HOME's Online Store

We know you're busy with life's many obligations and responsibilities. The resources in our store have been created to provide inspiration and save you time. Include them in your program every year! 

HOME's online store is your source for purchasing dozens of HOME unit studies, pre-assembled portfolios, the HOMESschooling in Maine Magazine, and more. 

HOME Affiliate Programs

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The Academy was established to encourage families to continue homeschooling through high school by providing quality, Christian courses to supplement their students’ education. These live, interactive courses are among the best available, and at prices we believe to be the lowest available anywhere for comparable online courses. In addition, the Academy gives HSLDA members a significantly reduced price off of these already affordably priced courses. Learn more about course offerings here.


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Get two valuable free gifts from Triad Math to empower you to provide an optimal post-elementary math program to your children and help Homeschoolers of Maine!

1. Get the new eBook/vBook: “How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.” Don’t forget to watch the 11 minute video, too!

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 Why is IEW® the best homeschool writing curriculum?

Our Structure and Style® writing method will give you the ability to fill your student's toolbox with confidence-building tools, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of excellent writing. Click here to order and support Homeschoolers of Maine.


Ascend by Unbound is an intense college experience designed to catalyze, enable, and energize Christian homeschoolers. Ascend students don’t just get access to an air-tight academic plan to earn a bachelor’s degree, they become leaders and innovators with a world-class community that has their back.


Whether your student is in the program for one year or four, your student will get leadership opportunities, Christian community, registration and travel to live events, and rock-solid academics. Plans are flexible from 9-30 college credits per year.


Complete Curriculum Packages


American School offers accredited courses in grades 6-12 at an affordable cost.  Choose from full-year or full diploma programs or take individual subjects to enrich an existing homeschool curriculum.  Print and online options are available, and tuition includes all study materials.  Visit www.americanschool.org or call 708-418-2800 to get started today!

Multiple Subjects

Pre-school - High school

Kumon helps your kids develop skills for lifelong success. The Kumon Math and Reading program can give your child an academic advantage.


Our unique method helps kids ages 3 through high school advance their math and reading skills. The Kumon Instructor helps guide, motivate, and encourage students through an individualized lesson plan. Kumon Students become more confident, independent self-learners.


Start giving your kids the advantages of Kumon. To learn more, schedule a free orientation today. Kumon  Math and Reading Center of Falmouth, 390 US Route 1, Unit #5, Falmouth, ME 04105. 207-781-4089.


Notgrass History helps history learners become history makers. This curriculum combines engaging lessons, full-color photographs and illustrations, primary source documents, literature, and hands-on activities for a variety of learning styles. Notgrass History curriculum encourages students of all ages and abilities to learn about U.S. history, world history, geography, government, civics, and economics.

 Answer five questions to find out if Notgrass History is a good fit for your family https://history.notgrass.com/right/

Language Arts

12 reasons you should choose Progeny Press study guides:

We did the hard work, so you don't have to!

You can teach literature from a Christian       


More than 120 titles – K-12 – as digital downloads   

    or printed workbooks.

Great for Homeschooling, Co-ops, Classrooms, and

    book clubs.

~ A close look at the author, background, and


~ Vocabulary, critical thinking, analysis, theme.

~ Literary techniques in action.

~ Dig Deep into issues and themes and connect

   them to the Bible.

~ A variety of essay and creative writing assignments.

~ Hands-on projects, art, activities, and more.

~ A full answer key included!

~ Affordable, reproducible, and easy to use with multiple students!


Progeny Press gives you the tools to teach your students easily and confidently.  Click on the logo to visit us today.


Browse our website to find out more about individual titles and put together a customized literature program for your student! 

Wholesome Books for Kids

From lapbooks to activity guides to Wild West and Gold Rush novels your reader will love, you’ll find exciting curricula for year-long literature and language arts learning from a biblical worldview. Or read these historical adventure books just for fun! Books for boys and girl from ages 6 – 14.




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Library Special for all 35 Circle C and Goldtown books (free shipping).

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Polliwog Pages gives young people the opportunity to express their imagination, to put zest in their writing, and to discover the thrill of playing with words. We offer creative writing, grammar, and poetry lessons- downloadable lessons, with an option for one-to-one email tutoring. Plus, we have two virtual bulletin boards to display their work.

Designed for parents and caregivers of children aged 4 to 6 who want to learn how to strengthen their child’s reading skills. As the child’s first teachers, they build the foundation for language and literacy skills from the moment a child is born. 

  • Make learning effective and engaging, use this step-by-step teaching program to teach your preschooler how to read.
  • Save time sourcing material, access aligned activities designed to support weekly learning goals.
  • Have confidence in your child's learning through built-in assessments.

Find out how and what you need to do to prepare your child for Kindergarten and build the foundation for later years!


Do your Homeschoolers have an interest in the ocean and marine biology? Are they interested in future careers on the water? Are they concerned about our environment? If so, a day trip on the ocean might really encourage their interest.


Hydroterra Ocean Education Center offers trips to small groups of students to allow for hands on use of an ROV,  the collection of a water sample or a chance to study the ocean from the deck. HOEC also offers curriculum kits complete with background information, on line contact and activities based on marine science issues.  

Fine Arts

You will be amazed as you see your confidence and skill level grow when using this standard setting curriculum from the art studio of master artist and teacher Sharon Hofer. Proven by the success of thousands of students, Creating a Masterpiece is the perfect choice to empower students with the skills needed to succeed in creating fine art. Students of all ages will be challenged by the unique emphasis on producing beautiful, masterpiece quality artwork. Explore our library of carefully developed projects created especially for this purpose!

Test Prep and Testing Options


College Prep Genius is an award-winning program that teaches how students how to ace tests like the SAT/ACT/ACT/CLT.


We offer eCourses, virtual boot camps and in-person classes. 85% of colleges admit and give money simply based on test scores.The higher the score--the more money you get! These are logic and not content based tests and students can learn to answer questions in 30 seconds or less. 

One Stop Test Shop: Triangle Assessments

No BA is needed for online tests and they are done at your location with quick results!

• Iowa E Paper or Online

• Stanford 10 Untimed! Paper and Online

• Iowa A (older version of Iowa test)

• TerraNova (also known as California Achievement Test)

• Brigance Special-needs - for those developmentally 7 years or younger

• Woodcock-Johnson by zoom

•CogAT and OLSAT Paper and online versions

• Iowa Short Practice (These can be used for Stanford and TerraNova practice also.)

• Stanford Short Practice

• CogAT/OLSAT Practice Tests


Hey, my friends! Do you mind if I take a minute to introduce myself?


With 11 kiddos, ages 36 to 12, I’m a 26-year veteran of this thing called homeschooling. Some of my kiddos are closer in age to their dad than to their youngest sibling and some have nieces and nephews older than they are as I am also blessed to be Mayme to 14 grands.


I have a history of severe migraines. At first, I just dealt with them, not even questioning why. I just knew that a chocolate éclair from Dunkin didn’t help, nor did that Pepsi I loved so much. I learned to just push myself through the days, gritting my teeth to bear the pain a little better, taking care of my littles, doing what I had to do, then crashing into a dark, quiet room to sleep the pain away.


If you want to learn how I got rid of them, keep our family above the wellness line, balanced our hormones and emotions, even through birth trauma, loss, anxiety, a worldwide

pandemic and even homeschooling, join me and my community at intentionalwellnessforme.com.

Colleges and Universities


Boston Baptist College is the only college in Boston, MA dedicated to the careful study of the Bible and to preparing students to serve Christ in both Christian and secular environments. With accredited degrees, annual study abroad trips, and a commitment to the local church; BBC is actively training the next generation of Christian leaders. While only 8 miles from energetic downtown Boston, our 6-acre campus is nestled in a quiet suburb where our students enjoy a safe, relational, and Christian community. If you're ready to Think Biblically, Discover Globally, and make an Impact Eternally, visit our website to request more information or schedule your campus visit!

Take your next step to a Christ-centered education today!

Earn high-school and college credits at the same time through Clarks Summit University’s High School Dual Enrollment! Get a step ahead (and save time and money too!) with online study options!


Become a Christ-Centered, Career-Ready Graduate.

Join our vibrant community who will encourage you every step of the way as you pursue the degree that matches your God-given interests and passions. We’re just a weekend trip away from Maine, in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania.

See how you fit here, at CSU!


Learn more!

Request information about taking your next step at CSU!

The University of Maine at Farmington is a small, residential campus peacefully nestled in the spectacular lakes & mountains region of western Maine, near Sugarloaf and Sunday River and smack in the middle of the best skiing, hiking, kayaking and rafting in the northeast. If you’re into the outdoors, this is the perfect place to spend your college years.


Maine’s Nationally Recognized Public Liberal Arts College The campus is in historic downtown Farmington, just a short walk away from coffee shops, funky stores, restaurants, banks, bookstores, a multi-screen movie theater and a whole lot more. Our perfect location combines the active outdoor lifestyle with the arts & smarts of a small college town. With enrollment at around 1,600 full-time students, UMF is about the same size as many of New England’s most selective private colleges and offers many of the same advantages, yet at a very affordable price — providing a tremendous college value in a spectacular natural setting. Established in 1864 as Maine’s first public institution of higher education.

Military Options for Homeschoolers