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Story Starter Ideas

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My favorite part of the HOME Convention was when ......


The HOME Used Curriculum Sale & Expo is ......


This year's TeenPact class was ......


On the field trip to ......, I learned about ......


While using a HOME Unit Study ......, I especially enjoyed ......


I look forward to HOME Monthly Skates because ......


HOME has helped me to ......


Here is an example...

Mealtime Madness  

By Kathy Green


I am really looking forward to Melanie Young's workshop, Sanity's in the Freezer during the HOME Convention this year. Needless to say, mealtimes are busy times for homeschool families. In the process of involving the kiddos, so that lessons of helpfulness and responsibility are learned, things can go a little wrong. Sometimes our words are... well, not quite understood.


Yesterday, our 5 year old grandson was warming up his pre-prepared blueberry pancake in the toaster. When the pancake popped up, he carefully removed it. But the pancake was a little hot, and his finger felt a little burned. 


Moms always have the ready solution to life's little mishaps. "Go into the bathroom and run some cold water over it," she said. 


When he returned to the kitchen, he held up his hand to show his mother a very soggy and crumbled pancake, and cried, "Mom, that was a TERRIBLE idea!"


The lesson of the day? Be sure that your child clearly understands the instructions!

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