How has HOME's ministry made a difference in your homeschooling journey?

Please take a minute to email us (homeschl@midcoast.com) and share a few words to encourage others!


"Homeschooling has been such a major success. I could never thank you enough for all the info and advice that you have given to my family.  My family has never been so happy."

-- S.L. 


"Thank you for always being available to answer our questions. I finished homeschooling about 3 years ago.  All four of my children are either attending college or are college graduates.  You were a great source of encouragement while we were in the fray."

-- C.F.


"HOME has been such a blessing to me in the few short months since I was introduced to HOME at the event in Augusta.  Thank you for all you do!"   

-- A.B.


"I know that without HOME's support and encouragement, I would never have made it homeschooling as a single mom.  I can't even begin to list the ways they have encouraged me to hang in there through the years!"  

-- R.H.


"I just received my portfolio back from HOME today.  I have to say thank you so much.  I cannot say it enough.  Without your organization's generosity and support, my homeschooling would not be possible.  It's such a sense of relief that you're there.  Thank you."

-- K.W. 


"HOME has been an amazing resource for us since moving to Maine and beginning homeschooling last year.  From the website full of info and resources, to the leaders who have welcomed us with open arms, to the amazing annual conference where we made friends and learned so much! Thank you, HOME, for all you do!"

-- B.S. 


"Thank you for your help in keeping us informed!  My homeschooling days are long over.  My children are all grow up, but I will want to continue supporting the efforts of homeschoolers in Maine!"

-- B.B.


"I want to say a great 'Thank You!' for all the help and understanding you have had for us through the years of homeschooling.  It was the best thing for my children.  They have said so themselves.  God be with you in the years to come in helping families go through homeschooling."  

-- P.E.

2017 Ongoing HOME Events

Group Portfolio Reviews

6/3 Bangor

6/13 Westbrook

6/23 Bridgton

8/17 Camden

8/3 Lewiston

8/16 Preque Isle

8/23 Augusta

8/24 Rockland

Getting Started Workshops

5/20 Augusta 

6/13 Westbrook

8/23 Augusta

Monthy Sports & Fitness Activities 

5/23 Monthly Bowling, Belfast

5/25 Monthly Hike, Lincolnville   

Summer Playground Days

5/30 Standish

6/13 Bridgton

6/27 Brownfield

8/15 Brownfield

8/29 Bridgton

9/26 Brownfield


Upcoming in 2017

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