Filing Letters of Intent

Please read this entire section prior to mailing your            letters of intent to homeschool.



If you are just beginning to homeschool AND your child has reached his/her 6th birthday or has not yet reached his/her 17th birthday, you will need to file a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction. Use the printable version of the Notice of Intent form below. Send a copy of the notice of intent to your local school superintendent, as required by law.


Blank Notice of Intent Form
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If you have been homeschooling during the past academic school year and plan to continue homeschooling during the next school year, you will need to file a Subsequent Letter to Homeschool along with the results of an annual assessment. Use the printable version of the Subsequent Letter to Homeschool form below for children who were homeschooled in Maine during the past academic school year. Send a copy of the subsequent letter to your local school superintendent, as required by law.


Blank Subsequent Year Letter Form
Subsequent Year Letter (1).pdf
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CAUTION: The forms above are fully compliant with Maine law. Please use these forms. The online and printable forms available at the Maine Department of Education's Home Instruction website page exceed the requirements of the law! In order to preserve homeschool freedoms, do not use forms that exceed Maine law. Please read more from HSLDA.


Find Your Local Superintendent: The Maine Department of Education website has a search engine to help you locate your superintendent's contact information.  You can visit their website here:   

Mailing Letters of Intent: Contact your town office to request the correct mailing address. You can also find your local superintendent's name and address at this website:


Remember to keep copies of all letters of intent, mail copies to your superintendent by certified mail, and keep your mail receipts until your homeschool program concludes.  


Be Informed! Read the Law Summary. Read the full Homeschool Statute.

If you need assistance with annual assessment options, curriculum options, or if you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the HOME office at 763-2880 or We would be happy to assist!

*Annual Subsequent Letter of Intent and Annual Assessment Caution 


Subsequent Letters of Intent to homeschool and annual assessment results are due by September 1. The Department of Education does not mail out reminders. Annual assessment results must be included in the same packet with the Subsequent Letter of Intent. To avoid contact from school officials, the Department of Education and/or the Department of Human Services, please submit your annual assessment results by September 1! Mail copies to your local superintendent.