Becoming the Titus 2 Older Woman

By Raylene M. Hunt


I recall a conversation I had a couple of years ago with an older homeschooling momma.  I was feeling disappointed that my children were nearly grown.  I kept coming across amazing ideas, and wished I had little children to share them with. She reminded me that I was entering that Titus 2, older woman season in my life, and to share those ideas with younger mommas who were new to homeschooling.


I so did NOT want to hear that.  I didn’t want any part of it.  I had a very definite picture of what the older woman looked like, and it was so not me.  Nor did I want it to be.  I was, I am, too young.  I wanted to find that woman to mentor me. I didn’t want to be her.


Looking around my homeschool group recently,  I was struck by the realization that any of the women there could easily be my daughter.  They are all within a few years of her age.  That means that all the kids in my group could, theoretically, be my grandchildren.


Whoa! Someone stop the bus!  When did that happen?  When did I get old enough to be a grandmother?  When did I get old enough to be that Titus 2 older woman, the one I was still hoping to find to mentor me? Without really noticing, I had transitioned from one season in my homeschooling journey to another.


So what does this have to do with you, reader?  Well, if you’re still young, seek out that older, experienced homeschooling momma.  Be willing to learn and glean from her experience.  If you are older, if your kids are nearly done, or maybe all done, take heart.  You’re not necessarily at the end of your journey!  You are a valuable asset to your homeschooling community.  You have an opportunity to encourage those who are new to homeschooling.  Consider starting a homeschool group for young families.  Consider mentoring just one or two families through their first year or two of homeschooling.  Volunteer for your state homeschool organization.  There are still lots of things for you to do!


We have a Scriptural calling to be the older woman spoken of in Titus 2. Just because we’ve finished one leg of the journey, doesn’t mean the journey is over.  There is yet another season ahead of us.  We’re just transitioning from one to another.


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Raylene M. Hunt, is Early Childhood Educator and homeschooling mom of two.  She is a homeschool group leader and the founder of Creation Exploration Ministry.  She has 14 year of experience as a home educator and 25 years of experience working with families with young children.  You can contact her at

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