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Are They Secure?

Preserving parental rights is an issue of great importance to all parents everywhere, not just homeschoolers. But in recent years, support for a high-view of parental rights has been seriously undermined by the current Judicial and Legislative branches of our government. As a result, numerous lower federal courts refuse to treat parental rights as deserving of protection as a fundamental right. This creates an unfriendly environment for homeschoolers and homeschooling.


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Movie Promotes Parents' Rights to Educational Choice


"The God’s Not Dead franchise continues in God’s Not Dead: We the People as Reverend Dave (White) is called to defend a group of Christian homeschooling families. He finds himself taken aback by the interference of the government, and believing that their right to educate their own children is a freedom worth fighting for, Reverend Dave is called to Washington DC to testify in a landmark congressional hearing that will determine the future of religious freedom in our country for years to come."


Is the right to choose homeschooling for your child secure?


Some child's rights advocates, like Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, believe that homeschoolers are a threat to the rights that state governments (not parents) have in order to ensure a child's right to an education and to personal well-being.


Participants at the 2021 Harvard Homeschool Conference in June debated the need for further regulation of homeschooling, and whether or not parents are fit to teach their own. Watch the sessions


Homeschool leaders presented clear facts during the debate that support the role of parents in the education and upbringing of children. Read HSLDA's detailed report on the event. 


What a shot! New vaccination law jabbed as threat to parental rights


The Parental Rights Foundation has announced it has filed a lawsuit over a new law that appears to undermine parental rights in the District of Columbia. Parental Rights Foundation Executive Director Michael Ramey says that their aim is to "protect families in DC and to halt the spread of this 'minor consent' strategy in other states." Read more