Make a Donation in 2024!


When you make a donation to HOME, you are supporting an organization that serves and supports homeschooling families 365 days a year. HOME is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. 


Keep HOME's Ministry Going in 2024!

Consider partnering with HOME in any of the ways below. Your financial gift helps us to keep up the good work of preserving, protecting, and promoting homeschooling in Maine!    

Why Stand with HOME


THANK YOU for continuing to make the ministry of HOME possible! Because of your generous gifts and support during the past year, HOME has been able to touch the lives of thousands of families in so many ways.


Together, here’s what we have been able to accomplish in 2023: 

  • 33 years of ministry to Maine families
  • Encouragement to over 10,000 families through our Facebook groups
  • Blessing to numerous families through various scholarships
  • Creation and distribution of our Shining the Light on Homeschooling booklet to all Maine Legislators
  • Creation of many new unit studies on topics and curriculum content covering all required Maine subject areas
  • HOME’s 33rd Annual Homeschool Conference
  • Avenues for ongoing support through HOME Coaches and Regional Representatives
  • Hundreds of annual assessments by a homeschool friendly support team of Maine certified teachers and HOME leaders
  • Monthly field trips, special classes, and activities for homeschool families around the state
  • The 36th Annual Home Education Week Celebration
  • Annual High School Graduation Ceremony
  • Quarterly clearance sales bringing affordable resources to hundreds of families
  • Information to thousands of homeschool families through our videos, webinars and website
  • Promotion and protection of homeschool interests in the Maine Legislature
  • Information about current issues that impact parental rights and homeschool freedom