Support Networks

Welcome to the Homeschool Community!

Finding homeschool support and building relationships can be a challenge! If you are new to homeschooling, new to the state, or even new to a region of the state, it can be much like moving into a different neighborhood. It takes some time to get to know your homeschool neighbors, as well as what the homeschool "neighborhood" or community has to offer.


As you begin to get acquainted, connections and friendships are made. Often this takes you beyond the neighborhood and into the larger homeschool community to discover avenues for support and enrichment that meet your needs and the unique needs of your children.  


How to Make Homeschool Friends Near You!

Here are some tips to facilitate the process!

  • Check with your local library, YMCA, recreation centers and churches. Often these are places where homeschoolers are gathering. 
  • Visit parks and museums during school hours. Often you will find other homeschool families there, too! 
Becoming a part of the larger homeschool community through HOME will help you to meet others. You may even meet families from your own area!    


Need a HOMEschool Coach?

HOME cares about your success! Our team is here to help you navigate the rough spots and move on to a successful, joyful homeschool experience! Be sure to check out the complete list of HOME's Regional and Special Support contacts, along with their contact information.  


Subcribe to HOME's YouTube Channel!

You'll find more support, information and encouragement in HOME's YouTube video library! Be sure to subscribe!


Support for Group Leaders

Are you leading a homeschool co-op, support group, Facebook group, or other type of homeschool group? Find friendship and support among your fellow homeschool leaders!


At Home with HOME

Be assured that we are anxious to meet you! It may take time to feel at home in your new "neighborhood." But HOME's welcome mat is always out. Our team would love to get to know you and learn how we can be of help to you and your family. Please be sure to reach out when you need to and join us in-person whenever and wherever you can!