The Foundation of Relationships

by Rebecca Keliher

I often heard, “Children grow up fast; treasure it while you can.” Time never seemed to go by fast enough on the days when laundry and diapering overwhelmed my schedule. This autumn, however, we will begin our seventeenth year of homeschooling, and I now understand and also reiterate the same mantra.

As I reflect on the last sixteen years, I’m amazed that I still have my sanity (although sometimes the kids would challenge that). I’m also astonished that my kids made it and can articulate in full sentences. But most of all, I’m thankful that at the end of the journey for my first two, and as I continue with the other three, I have built an incredible foundation with each of them through a relationship of love, respect, and a lot of giggles.



What Homeschooling is All About

We didn’t always get the math book done, and we rarely did those science projects. But homeschooling isn’t just about the academic. We had countless hours of reading out loud on the sofa, curled up in our pajamas. Long talks into the night over different world events or the friends at the local homeschool tutorial. We traveled the country and visited battlefields and national parks. I also took some of my own education in business, design, and computer programming and challenged my kids in areas in which they had propensities.

Homeschooling is a means by which to develop strong and beautiful relationships. It wasn’t just about teaching the ABC’s or basic addition and subtraction. The many hours spent together around the kitchen table gave opportunities to apologize when frustrated, and to offer warm embraces of forgiveness afterwards. It also allowed me to hone my skills as a cheerleader, remembering that even the smallest accomplishment should be noticed and encouraged.

The Spirit’s Guidance

I am thankful that the gospel of Jesus Christ intervened in my life, and the sanctification of the Spirit conformed me and prepared me for taking on the challenge of parenting and teaching. Most of all, I’m thankful that the Lord allowed me to learn the beauty and importance of a relationship with Him, and how it prepares for all that life brings. Using this as a foundation in homeschooling has led me to make decisions based on the relationship over the academics.

As you launch into your first, second, or twentieth year, may the beauty of your relationship with Christ spill over into your schooling, and may your success be measured by the relationship you have with your children far more than by knowledge. Happy Schooling!

Rebecca Keliher is a homeschool mom just like you. She put her love of scrapbooking to work and turned a homeschool newsletter into the beautiful Home Educating Family Magazine. Also known as the Well Planned Gal, Rebecca used her eye for design and knack for organization to create the original homeschool planner, Well Planned Day.

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