HOME Group Portfolio Reviews

By Raylene Hunt Kane, B.S., Ed. 


Last time, I shared with you about how simple doing a portfolio review with HOME really is.  Now, let’s take a look at the process for HOME Group Portfolio Reviews. 


At the beginning of the year, when you’re ordering curriculum and purchasing school supplies, visit the HOME website and print out the packet for Group Portfolio Reviews.  It can be downloaded on the HOME website here: https://www.homeschoolersofmaine.org/events/home-portfolio-evaluations/home-group-portfolio-review/


Be sure to monitor the website for the dates and locations of HOME Group Portfolio Reviews.  Choose the date you want, fill out the pre-registration form in the packet, and submit it to the HOME Office with your payment to reserve your space.


Assemble your portfolio as instructed in the packet.  See the blog HOME Portfolio Reviews:  It’s as Easy as 1 – 2- 3! for more information. 


Bring your portfolio to the group review for your reference.  In a group review setting, the teacher does not have time for in depth look at each individual portfolio.  The review is done based on parent reporting of progress made by the student during the year.  During this process, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, share what worked and what didn’t, and learn more about what other families are doing in their homeschool.


Group reviews are a fun time of fellowship with other homeschool families. It’s also a great opportunity for parents who are new to homeschooling to gain confidence in their skills since they are actively involved in the review process. Why not plan to join HOME for a Group Portfolio Review in 2018!


Raylene Hunt Kane is a veteran homeschooling mom of two, who has been part of the HOME Leadership team for many years.  She often coaches families through the preparation of portfolios and facilitates Group Portfolio Reviews for HOME.  She lives with her family in Camden, Maine.