The Grace of Homeschooling

by Serina Ruggeri


In 2020, school began to look a lot different. As schools closed, and for some, our jobs were put on hold, we had to take on a new role of teacher. If we’re honest, many of us didn’t feel as though we were skilled or patient enough to fulfill this role. But as we enter 2021 with more homeschooling experience under our belt, can you confidently say you are ready to go back to teaching your child/children? Most of us will choose an obvious “No,” and not because we don’t want to, but rather, because of dread of responsibility.


 More Than Enough


In our modern day, we have so much at our fingertips. From tablets loaded with every game imaginable to Amazon’s speedy delivery service, we aren’t short of “things to do” with our children. But these things can also become overwhelming, offering many variations and styles and flavors which distract from the reason we started  homeschooling in the first place. Let me say this, mom, dad, guardian: You are more than enough for your child's learning. You also have more than enough within your home to help your child and you grow together, learn together, and have fun while doing so. It makes no difference whether you have one or five children. Homeschooling your children can be basic, everyday duties you do at home. Now is your chance to have your 6-year-old help you with the laundry! It may take a few tries, but with a little encouragement and explanation, you have a variety of subjects all in one:  the hygienics behind it (science), they will understand math (measurements of soap) and health (how dirt works!). And how about having them help you with work/job related tasks if they are old enough and your job allows? Filing, stamping, cutting, folding, pasting, you name it. Performing age - appropriate, job-related tasks unearths integrity and a sense of pride that, when practiced at a young age, can help them choose what they would like to be when they become an adult.


What’s more, these are practical skills that are absolutely acceptable for homeschooling requirements.


Homeschooling has come a long way, and has developed a wide variety of methods and learning curves that conform to the specificity of each child. Homeschooling has more than enough resources, outlets, groups, and educational advances to fit the needs of each of your children within your home. From online tutors and art classes, to (careful) in-person gathering!  Are you ready to start homeschooling? Or perhaps you have questions. Contact our specialists to help you make the best decisions  (or to encourage you to keep going) for your and your family.  


Serina is a freelance writer and seamstress who resides in Kennebunk Maine with her little boy and husband. She has been a part of the quaint coastal town of Kennebunk since 2016, and is a part of many homeschooling groups, including teaching young children and adults how to sew!