Your Stake in a Maine Legislative Session

As homeschoolers, we have a big stake in what happens in Augusta during any Maine Legislative Session. During each session, Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) works to advance your rights as homeschoolers, or to protect your rights from attempts to pass laws which would interfere with your ability to do what is best for your children.


To understand why we do this, we only need to think about why we educate our own children instead of letting the State educate them. What drives us to, in effect, go back to school ourselves so that we can more effectively teach our children? What is so important that we are willing to deprive our family of a second full-time income? Why do we take on the extra work of teaching academics to our own children - a job most parents in our society decline.


For one thing, we know we can give our children a good education because we can custom-tailor each child's studies to his or her needs.


Our children avoid a lot of peer pressure and possible bullying that are common in institutional school settings. As a result, they are more likely to become self-sufficient and even leaders as adults.


For Christian parents, home-based discipleship without a constant message from the public school that God is irrelevant is the most important reason.

All of this depends on the opportunity to do what we know is best for our children, without government interference. And that is where the Legislature comes in.


Although government has a proper role to restrain and punish evildoers, it can also interfere with parents who are doing good for their children. And, unfortunately, there are strong political forces acting at the Legislature during every session to do exactly that. This year is no exception. Just as we have been for the last 22 years, HOME volunteers will be working to protect your freedom to homeschool.


1. We will be monitoring the Legislature closely for attempts to increase regulations on Maine homeschoolers.


2. If necessary, we will be working to help the legislators see the difference between Public School At Home programs and Private Home Education. We do not want private home educators to be penalized with extra regulations.


3. We will work to block broader changes which would cause collateral damage to parents' ability to rear and protect their children without government interference.


We can only do this as you faithfully stand with us. Please pray for God's protection on families in Maine and homeschooling families in particular. And be prepared to encourage your state senator and state representative to support homeschool freedom as issues come up during this legislative session. You have a lot at stake. We all do.


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Adapted from an article by Rodger Williams, OCEANetwork Legislative Coordinator, and used with permission.