Persevering Through Tough Times

We homeschooled our children from 1991 – 2011 – before we even owned a computer! Back in the day, I would read homeschooling magazines, read the ads, mail in my orders, and I paid by check!


I want to share my story to encourage today’s homeschooling families, not to give up under difficult circumstances. In 1995, my husband (the bread winner) sustained a serious traumatic brain injury, was in a coma for a week, in ICU, and spent a month in a rehab hospital. He returned home unable to work, then to work part time and finally after five years of ups and downs, he was able to successfully work fulltime. Though the medical bills were paid by Worker’s Comp, and we received $200 a week for a year, it was an overwhelming crisis. The Lord met all our needs; we never missed a mortgage payment, our monthly bills got paid. Looking back, I do not know how this was possible. But nothing is impossible with God.


I was tempted to put my son in public school and my daughter in daycare so I could return to work fulltime to support the family. But I felt that the children had had enough upheaval in their lives, they did not need any more.


It was my homeschooling friends who provided prayer and support, loved my children, and watched my children when we had doctor and therapy appointments. I tried to maintain a “normal” routine. After five years, Wayne was able to work fulltime in a new career (much to the amazement of doctors). Then I felt more like a “normal” homeschool family.


Looking back, I know I learned more than my children did. Now that they are adults, I have precious memories of reading to them, teaching them, working on projects for homeschool science fairs, international nights, art shows and traveling to activities and events. We called ourselves the Road Scholars.


No, we were not the “perfect” homeschooling family who made the front cover of Homeschooling Today magazine. You are probably not either. The Lord does not call us to be perfect as the world sees it; He calls us to be obedient and trust in him.


June O’Donal

Denmark, Maine


After homeschooling her two children in 2011 June began writing a series of historical fiction with a Christian message called the Fryeburg Chronicles geared for homeschoolers – discussion questions at the back of the Book. Each book examines a political or moral problem which occurred at the given time period. She presently has five books published covering the time periods from the American Revolution through the Civil War. She is currently working on Book VI which focuses on how medicine was practiced in the 1870’s, the writings of Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. If “she lives long enough” she hopes to write a ten book series ending with 9/11/01. Books are available wherever books are sold.