10 Homeschool Blessings

As Thanksgiving approaches, our hearts turn toward thoughts of family and the warmth of our own homes.  Summer has become a distant memory as the cold wind blows and the dry leaves swirl. We are ready for winter to come if it must.


What a gift to be at home with our children as we prepare for the holidays, the season of giving, and winter weather!


Take time this month to reflect on the incredible blessings of homeschooling and give thanks to God for the freedom we have to teach our own children at home.


Here are just a few of many homeschool blessings. Add your own! 

  • Slow, peaceful mornings with a hot breakfast 
  • Great questions and deep conversations
  • Learning with each other and from each other
  • Family mealtimes with time to linger and plenty of laughter
  • Love and inspiration from extended family and friends of all ages
  • The fueling of each child’s passions
  • Treasured story times by a cozy fire
  • Endless adventures to places near and far
  • Feelings of safety and security
  • Bedtime prayers that close the day on a note of thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving!