Storytime Favorites at Christmas

By Michelle Collomy


When our first daughter was born, my aunt gave us a copy of The Polar Express. We always read it on Christmas Eve. It was our favorite. My husband, Daryl, still reads it to our grandkids every Christmas Eve. Several years later, when Jesus saved us, we wanted to shift our focus onto Jesus rather than Santa, so I bought The Legend of the Candy Cane. We love that story because it's fun and so beautifully illustrated. More importantly, it shares the Gospel message.


We have a huge collection of Christmas stories. Our kids buy Daryl a new one every year. As a homeschool mom, I am usually the one who does most of the reading with the kids. But when it comes to Christmas stories in December, Dad (now Papa) reads the stories! That time of listening to him read is so special to our kids. We put out a basket of Christmas stories in December and read them to the grands throughout the month. On Christmas Eve, Papa reads The Polar Express and The Legend of the Candy Cane. That has been happening now for about 30 years. Both books are well worn! Of course, on Christmas morning, he reads the ultimate Christmas Story from the Bible.


You can read the full Bible Christmas Story in the Gospel accounts below:

Birth of Jesus Foretold - Luke 1:26-38

The Birth of Jesus Christ - Luke 2:1-7

The Shepherds and the Angels - Luke 2:8-21

The Visit of the Wise Men - Matthew 2:1-12


Merry Christmas!


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Michelle Collomy is a homeschool Mom who has 12 children. Michelle and her husband are HOME Regional Representatives who have been homeschooling their children for 25 years. Their children range from 30 down to 12. They are active in their church, their hometown of Hiram and in the homeschool community. Michelle's greatest joy is spending time with her 11 grandchildren.