Blessing Others This Valentine's Day!

By Sarah Buchwalder


Not too long ago, Valentine's Day was called St. Valentine's Day. St. Valentine was a Roman physician and martyr who wrote letters to friends and loved ones from prison as he awaited execution because of his Christian faith. The notes were signed: "From, your Valentine." Why not take some time with family one of these winter days to make your own valentines - notes of hope and encouragement to those you love and maybe even those you don't know? A hospital, care facility, or even correctional facility might welcome simple cards letting residents know you are thinking of them. Or you could make some notes of appreciation for others in service positions - cashiers, your local library clerk, your postal worker. You could have the fun of shopping for inexpensive supplies (decorative paper, stickers, ribbon, and other add-ons) OR have even more fun working with what you can find on hand in the house. Cut out pictures from old magazines and catalogues as a collage! Make some tea or hot chocolate and popcorn to make it a cozy and memorable experience for everyone. Not to mention all the skills and subjects this activity works in - budgeting, problem solving, community service, fine arts, fine motor control, even history if you take the time to explain the tradition of notes and cards at this time of year because of St. Valentine.


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Sarah is a mother of three and a New York expat, homeschooling on the Midcoast.  Her degree is in philosophy, and she wears multiple hats at HOME (and home).  She sort of classically educates her kids and likes being by the ocean, growing food, and having meaningful conversations with friends.  She is a pet mom to an especially handsome bearded dragon, three chatty guinea pigs, and a fluctuating flock of hapless Ancona ducks.