We're Stronger Together

  • Did you know that homeschooling in Maine has increased by 80% over the last five years and is continuing to grow?
  • Did you know that there are well over 10,000 homeschooled students in Maine right now?
  • Did you know that HOME serves a great portion of this number in at least one way or another? 

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) is excited and thankful to be a part of this amazing growth, as well as the support new families need. With HOME’s help, transitioning to homeschooling is easier than ever today and provides wonderful benefits to children and families.


BUT… the excellent results and continuing rise in numbers has necessitated big changes for HOME. To meet the increasing demand for information and support, we’re going to need your help. 


How does HOME help families to succeed in their times of need?



By providing “Getting Started” workshops and answering the steady flow of daily questions from beginners, as well as veterans.


By providing hours of personal one-on-one time as needed to help families choose resources and curriculum, and offer guidance on teaching strategies, learning styles and assessment methods.



By providing the special topical studies and courses needed to ensure that all the current educational requirements can be met.



By offering ongoing field trips, learning opportunities, and regional leaders to help both children and adults stay connected.


By providing training events to help homeschool families learn and grow as they progress from the earliest levels through high school graduation.



By providing an extensive website where answers to every question and concern can be found and an online connection point for further assistance. 





       By providing a graduation ceremony for all interested high school seniors.





By keeping families aware and up to date on all potential legislative changes that may affect homeschool freedom.

HOME is here whenever any of these thousands of Maine families need help. To stay here and keep up with demands, HOME will require an increasing amount of funds annually.


If you’re reading this, you have likely already received valuable support from HOME in some way. If you have benefited from HOME’s presence, would you reciprocate? It’s not about paying us back, but it is about making sure others can receive these benefits as well. 


Our simple request is this...

Would you please support our ability to serve you and others by committing to give “One Dollar a Week,” so that we can continue this vitally important work?


By itself, a dollar isn’t much. But if every family that benefits from HOME gave “One Dollar a Week,” we could fund the HOME budget to support our community for the year.


Also, because we realize that this commitment may not be possible for some families, we encourage those who can give more to do so. Some might feel better equipped to offer “One Dollar a Month.” Be assured that every gift of support is valued and appreciated.


HOME currently depends on the support of a select few, for which we are tremendously grateful. With these limited funds, HOME’s small staff has worked well beyond their level of appropriate compensation without complaint. Their work is a labor of love.


A more sustainable approach to maintaining our mission to “preserve, protect, and promote homeschooling in Maine” is needed. 


Start your “One Dollar a Week” pledge today!


THANK YOU for showing your commitment to HOME and homeschooling by giving! Please continue to pray for HOME, homeschool families, and all those who are still in the process of making a decision about homeschooling.


God bless you and your family. Please know that we pray for all of you and are grateful to serve you.




The Board of Homeschoolers of Maine