April is Month of the Military Child

By Maresa Kelleher


“Bloom where you are planted.” My kids have not only heard this a million times but

have lived it. I always say that my kids are truly my heroes. Moving constantly, not

having any family around, a parent possibly being deployed, being “the new kid” often,

and really, just having such an unpredictable life can be overwhelming! The ever-

changing landscape of military life is, I think, EXACTLY why God led us to homeschool. This would be their constant. This would be the anchor that steadied them through each move, each new state, or new deployment or new tour schedule. Their dad and I chose this life, they didn’t. We will do everything that we can to make it the most beautiful, full, and exciting life that it can possibly be. This has allowed them to become more resilient, more adaptable to so many new situations, and stronger humans overall.


April is the Month of the Military Child. It is a time when we recognize all that these kids must go through and sacrifice. So, military children, we see you and we thank you and you are loved and appreciated.


There are many ways we can show our appreciation, not just in April, but throughout the year. If you have a military family move to your area, or join your church or co-op, get to know them. Invite them over for dinner. Be someone they can count on in times of need. Make them feel welcomed and like they are home, even if it is only for a short time.


If you want to show your support this month, we invite you to wear purple on our

PurpleUp for Military Children Day, April 13 th .