Common Core Standards

Is Common Core Still a Concern?

There has been a great deal of debate over the years about Common Core Standards. What are they? What do they mean for homeschoolers?  


"Everything else aside, the bottom line is what is important to those of us who value freedom. Common core creates de facto national standards for education and has been implemented in Maine without a full understanding by Maine citizens of its effects.  Americans should be very concerned that the place of power in education is being moved to both federal and corporate levels.  This is a violation of the intent of the Constitution.  The Constitution leaves education up to the states.  Even though each state must pass legislation adopting the Common Core, political and economic pressure has been great on both the federal and corporate levels to adopt the standards, and the intent is to have de facto national standards.  Once the power has shifted and becomes entrenched at the federal and corporate levels, chances of power ever returning to either the states or local school boards would be slim."   Ed Green, President, Homeschoolers of Maine  


How are we impacted in our state? Read more about Equivalent Instruction and Common Core in Maine.


Legislative News in Maine


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