The Real Truth Behind ESAs

What You'll Learn...

  • The history of homeschooling in Maine has included many hard-fought battles to gain and protect homeschool freedom. 
  • School Choice programs fund students through government funded programs.   
  • "Funding following the student" programs harm rather than help homeschoolers.
  • What the government funds, it controls and regulates.
  • Parental rights and responsibilities are eroded through ESAs.
  • ESAs create an ever-expanding education monopoly.
  • Curriculum and program autonomy becomes limited.
  • A student enrolled in an ESA becomes part of the public education system.
  • Property taxes increase. 
  • Student data is collected and stored.
  • Incorporation of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach to education usurps the role of parents in domains traditionally belonging to parents.  
  • ESAs may not help families with special needs students, low-income families or families that rely on local co-ops to enhance learning. 
  • ESAs represent an education system where one size must fit all. 

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