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General Session Descriptions

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Homeschooling: Capturing the Vision - Kevin Swanson

What is it about home education that has profoundly re-energized education and produced such outstanding academic results?  Incredibly, the average homeschool 8th grader without teacher-credentialed parents tests 4 grade levels above the national average on nationally standardized tests.  And it is not because we have taken a public school system complete with desks and bolted them to the floor of our living rooms.  In this visionary, ground-breaking presentation on the homeschool vision, Kevin Swanson presents the basic elements that make up an outstanding homeschooling experience for your child.  This message will give the first-time homeschooler confidence and vision, and will provide encouragement and a reality check for the experienced home educator.  


The Blessing of America:  A Vision for the Future - Kevin Swanson

As author of The Second Mayflower (just released in its 3rd edition), Kevin Swanson speaks from the heart on the beautiful vision that formed America.  No other nation on earth has been so blessed with liberty and prosperity as America.  In this rousing and inspiring presentation, Kevin encourages home educators to study America's godly heritage, be grateful for it and to live the principles that beat in the heart of the founders of the nation.  Has the vision faded, and have the blessings departed?  How is God going to use the homeschool movement to revive this blessing?  God may very well be preparing to use homeschooling in a powerful way to transform our families and our nation.

Heart of Homeschooling - Kevin Swanson 

Eventually every homeschooling parent realizes that the heart of the child is the heart of the homeschool.  In this transparent and powerful presentation, Kevin traces a developing relationship between himself and his own son.  Kevin drills into the heart of what happens in a home when parents begin to walk with their children.  Parenting and home education boils down to one issue - the heart of a parent connecting to with the heart of a child.

Why Will Homeschooling Change the World - Kevin Swanson

Is it saying too much that homeschooling will change the world?  It already has.  This presentation will draw from history, real research data, and the Bible to illustrate the power of relationship-based, parent-guided learning.  The real reason why homeschooling will change the world is found where it is least expected.

Convention of the States: A Project of Citizens for Self-Governance 

The federal government is broken and incapable of  fixing itself. Washington D.C. has bankrupted us, seized state power, and stolen our liberty. Even good politicians are handcuffed by the burdens of bureaucracy. What can be done? 

Now is the time for all Americans — from the coasts, to the farms, to the Beltway — to lock arms and decide our nation is worth a fight. A Convention of States is not only our best hope to save our Republic, it might be our last hope. Join Maine's Convention of the Sates Coalition Director, Ken Quinn, during this session for a fasinating history lesson, as we learn:  

  • What is an Article V Convention?
  • What does history teach us about these types of conventions?
  • How and why were amendments ratified in the past.
  • Facts not Fiction:  Was the 1787 Constitutional Convention a "runaway", Is this a Con-Con? 
  • Potential Amendments to fix our problems.

Workshop Descriptions

How to Raise Authentic, Heart-Deep, God-Loving Kids - Kevin Swanson

Child-training methodologies are important.  The permissive methods, the behavior-modification methods, and the externalist, recipe-driven methods have all had fruit over the years.  But what is there for parents who desire authentic, heart-deep, God-loving kids?  Based on the experience of generations of godly child-rearing, and the wisdom of God's Word, Kevin Swanson carves out a biblical balance to this difficult subject in this presentation.


Building on a Sure Foundation:  Staying the Course through High School Diane Kummer

As your child grows older, you may be considering high school at home - but you've got your doubts!  Why is homeschooling high school a crucial decision for your teen?  How is it possible?  What help is available?  We will answer your questions: but more importantly, we'll encourage and challenge you to explore the steps you should take as you weigh the possibility of teaching high school at home.

Lapbooking 101 - Carol Robb - Recording Not Available.
School can be fun! Lapbooking is one way to open up learning for children while they are having fun.  This is a hands-on session for parents who are new to lapbooking.  Carol will explain the basics of lapbooking, the reasons for lapbooking, and provide some examples of lapbooks done by her children.  During this workshop you will create a sample lapbook to use as a reference for the future.


Entertainment and Your Family - Kevin Swanson - Recording Not Available.
In the words of one cultural commentator, are we entertaining our families to death?  As a father of five, Kevin Swanson is engaging a multi-generational attempt to find the right balance of entertainment, work and serving in life.  What role should entertainment play in our children's life?  Kevin measures the relative benefits or drawbacks of the cotton-candy novel (i. e. . Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew), historical adventures (i.e... G. A.. Henty), the classic novels of the 19th century Victorian Fare, the fantasy genre, Walt Disney motion pictures, television (from Andy Griffith to 24), recorded music, and drama radio.  This very practical presentation will provide some helpful suggestions for bringing biblical principles to bear as you seek maximum edification for your family.

Record Keeping for High School:  Simplifying the Process - Diane Kummer
Why is documentation of high school course work important?  Keeping good records does not need to be time consuming or burdensome; it will actually save you time and effort in the long run.  Learn what, when and how to track your student's progress through high school.

Getting Started in Homeschooling - Carolyn Simonds - Recording Not Available.

Are you just beginning to homeschool? Are you researching the option for your family? Plan to attend this workshop! The following topics will be covered:

• Maine’s homeschooling law
• Record keeping
• Curriculum planning
• Helpful resources
• Portfolios and evaluations
• Support groups
• Special needs
• And much more!


HOME Leadership Networking and Meeting the Changing Face of Home Education - Kevin Swanson - Recording Not Available.
While other homeschool organizations are shrinking in their influence, Christian Home Educators of Colorado continues to grow.  CHEC has seen 25% growth over the last year even through the problems of recession, increased competition from stat-funded programs and other challenges.  As Executive Director of one of the fastest growing home education ministries in the country, Kevin will show what they have done as an organization to meet the changing face of home education.  He will cover fund raising, public policy efforts, family events, etc.  Lively discussion opportunity will uncover what works and what doesn't.  If you are a leader in the homeschool community, or have in interest in serving homeschoolers in Maine, please join us!


Developing a Plan for High School: Sample 4-Year Plans - Diane Kummer

How do you plan a program for your high school homeschooler? What subjects do you teach and when? Do you follow a basic high school plan, a general college prep plan, or a rigorous college prep plan? How do you evaluate credits? Determine grades for a course? What about the need for a transcript and diploma? If you are just beginning to think about homeschooling during the high school years, this seminar will help you organize your thoughts and begin laying the groundwork for a viable four-year plan.

Learning through Living Books - Carolyn Simonds & Panel of HOME Representatives

Come and join HOME Reps in a discussion on "living books" or "whole books." Topics will include the definition of a living book, the many different teaching methods that use living books as a curriculum base, programs and  resources, and lists of living books. Reps will share their favorite living books, how they use them in their homeschool programs. Learn how to add these wonderful books to any curriculum and create a love for learning. 

 Of Whom This World is Not Worthy-The Greatest Mothers the World Has Ever Known - Kevin Swanson
This powerful and passionate presentation brings out the greatest role models from Biblical and Christian history of mothers that literally changed the world.  This encouraging message will bless the heart of every mother, especially during the tough times and dark days.

High School Transcript Clinic - Dane Kummer

Creating a high school transcript is an easy yet vital part of your child’s high school records. In this interactive and practical seminar, you will create a transcript that can be used as a pattern when designing your own. Diane will guide you through transcript essentials, evaluation of credit, grading guidelines and scales, and calculation of grade point averages (GPA’s). In addition, you will receive sample transcripts depicting other formats for you to consider.

Primary Sources:  What Do They Tell Us? - Mayra Donnell
Mayra Donnell's book, 1816: The Summer That Never Came, is considered juvenile historical fiction.  Only the characters and village are fictional, however.  The weather is as it was on the days mentioned.  The political activities are as they occurred on the stated dates.  The family's activities are those a family in 1816 would participate in, and are accurately depicted.  In this workshop, the author will discuss the primary and secondary sources used in the book, and answer the where, how and why of primary and secondary sources.  It is never too early to start using primary sources when doing research!  Students and families will learn:  What a primary source is; Where to find them; How to use them; Why use them; and How to create their own primary sources.

God's Curriculum-Teaching Proverbs to Your Children - Kevin Swanson
Of all of the curriculum available for our children, the most important is still the material that God gave us around 1000 B.C.. The author of a three-volume study guide to the Proverbs, Kevin Swanson summarizes the entire book in one quick hour. Equip yourself to teach the important stuff on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, sociology, anthropology, economics, character, leadership, education, and parenting.

Singing Workshop with The Boy Singers of Maine - Rick Dustin - Recording Not Available.

This will be a fun-filled hour of exploring our singing voices, working with others and learning songs together under the direction of conductors from The Boy Singers of Maine.  At 4:00pm, there will be a brief demonstration of the music learned.  After the demonstration, The Boy Singers of Maine conductors will be available to answer parent questions, and will be happy to audition any boys interested in singing in The Boy Singers!

Important Pit Stops during High School - Diane Kummer
For preventative maintenance during the high school years, learn what important “to—dos” and deadlines to keep in mind. Major pit stops will include information about various tests, benefits and sources of outside classes, college search and application tips, alternatives to traditional college, and career and post high school paths.

Researching Homesteading and Homemaking Skills - June O'Donal
How did our forefathers (and mothers) survive?  They grew their own food, built their own homes, made their clothing, beverages, medicines, dyes and paints.  This power point presentation discusses how the author of The Fryeburg Chronicles learned about cooking on a hearth, timber framing, building a birch bark canoe, making candles and soap, spinning and weaving and other survival skills.

How to Ride the Rapids Without Falling Out of the Boat - Kevin Swanson
A humorous and encouraging presentation for the homeschool mom who feels like she's going down a #5 rapid spinning like a top.  When you emerge at the end of the run, you discover that God was doing something marvelous, despite your own inadequacies and the confusion of the ride.


Plants Impacting New England History - June O'Donal
This is not a botany lesson on plants native to New England.  This is a history lesson on some plants which impacted New England history.  What is the relationship of potatoes and cotton and the Catholic population in New England?  Why didn't the colonist eat blueberry pancakes and maple syrup?  What would have happened if early New Englanders did not drink tea?  Where did the paper upon which The Declaration of Independence is written come from?  The author of The Fryeburg Chronicles discusses some interesting facts about plants all over the world.


Unschooling and the Christian Family - Kathi Kearney - Recording Not Available.
What is unschooling?  What are the pros and cons?  Why is it controversial?  How do you evaluate progress?  Can Christians Unschool?  So many questions surround this often misunderstood method of learning at home.  Moms, dads, grandparents and homeschool leaders are encouraged to attend and learn more!