Convention 2015 Recordings

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Stop the School Mentality! - Travis and Suzanne Zimmerman


Jesus teaches us in John 17: 16 -18 that His followers should be IN this world and not OF this world. Yes, how true! So how come when we take our kids from a school environment, we often try to make our homeschool look and act like school? We sentence our rambunctious boys to sitting properly in a desk for hours, we drown our kids in weighty workbooks, and the only trail we're hiking on is a long paper trail to meet state requirements! Isn't it time to Stop the School Mentality and train our kids in the way they should go? Laugh and learn from seasoned homeschool parents how to supplement book learning with all that is right about homeschooling, including nature walks, living history and active learning outside of the classroom!

Leaving a Legacy - Faith Berens


Faith Berens, a wife, homeschooling mother of two, and special needs consultant with Home School Legal Defense Association, will share her personal story of struggling with a learning “disability.” She will also share some of the lessons that God is teaching her about His ongoing faithfulness, boundless love, and the legacy we can leave to our children as a result of walking with and knowing the King of all Kings. This message will be one of encouragement and hope for parents who are raising children with special needs. Even in the most difficult places and situations, God is Faithful and True, and He will equip us as parents to bring out our children’s areas of strength and their calling and true identities.   


Fight or Flight? Choosing Your Battles - Travis and Suzanne Zimmerman


It's the age-old reality: kids push the boundaries and parents respond in varying ways, some helpful and some, well, not so helpful. But where do we draw the line and fight...or flight? Based on Ephesians 6:4, this interactive workshop will have you rolling with laughter as we consider real-life, everyday homeschool situations like:


* The son who wants to sport a Mohawk...for his homeschool picture. Fight or Flight?

* A daughter who waits until the last minute to do homework, then wants your help at midnight... because it's due TOMORROW! Fight or Flight?

* A kitchen that's always open for unending snacks...and unending distractions. Fight or Flight?


Laugh and learn together as we parents positively and actively respond to our kids, even between the tears of joy! 

Have an Amazing Marriage Outside of Homeschooling - Travis and Suzanne Zimmerman


Do you remember where you were when you first set eyes on your future spouse? Can you recall the butterflies and the dizzying excitement of being newly married? Then kids happened; date nights dwindled faster than a snowball in the Sahara Desert. And then homeschool happened. Maybe somewhere along the way, you and your spouse stopped happening. 


Are the days of looking longingly and uninterrupted into your best friends eyes gone forever? Well they might be, but they don't have to be! Being totally sold out to homeschooling doesn't mean you have to give up on growing your marriage. Based on Proverbs 5:18, this workshop focuses on some engaging ideas to have an amazing marriage outside of homeschooling.


Teaching Shakespeare through Performance - Pastor Sam Richards


The best way to teach Shakespeare (and the most fun) is through group readings and performing his plays. In this workshop, Pastor Richards will share from his many years of directing and experience with SMASH some of the nuts and bolts of teaching Shakespeare through performing. Pastor Richards will also prepare attendees for the Friday evening performance ofThe Merchant of Venice. He will demonstrate the play as social critique (exposing hypocrisy) and as a tale of the joy of genuine conversion. The workshop will conclude with a time of Q and A.

Normal is Overrated - Travis Zimmerman


Why and How to Use "Olders" to Tutor "Youngers" - Benjamin and Cady Crosby


With four younger sisters, Benjamin and Cady serve as tutors to their younger siblings. Why do they do this, and how is it practical? Find out the answer in this presentation by the two tutors, themselves!


Working and Homeschooling: Is it Really Possible? - Raylene Hunt


Today's economy can be tough on families. Often a second working parent is needed to help make the ends meet. And in single parent homes, working is an absolute necessity in most cases. But does needing to work mean homeschooling is impossible? If you are working and homeschooling, join this interactive workshop as we discuss challenges, and come up with creative solutions! 


Tackling Tricky High School Issues - Faith Berens


Getting Started in Homeschooling - Carolyn Simonds


Titanic Heroes - Benjamin and Cady Crosby


Start Your Own Theater Group - Pastor Sam Richards


Homeschoolers and the Library - Jean Young


Your Kids Are Online. Now What? What You Need To Know! - Victoria Kempf, RN


HOMEschool Community Building



Reading Difficulties: Remediation Strategies and Techniques - Faith Berens


Do you have a student who is experiencing some reading difficulties? This session will introduce the 5 Pillars of Reading: Phonemic awareness, phonics (decoding and word recognition), fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Faith will offer guidance on how to identify the area, as well as the level of reading difficulty, and also share practical teaching tools, strategies and techniques in order to remediate your child's reading struggles.


Homeschooling on a Budget - Suzanne Zimmerman


Last time we checked, our local tax office didn't credit back our local school taxes to us because we no longer use the public school. And let's face it, while homeschooling is priceless, it's certainly not cheap! Guided by a seasoned homeschool mother of five, this workshop offers a clean approach to homeschooling without getting taken to the cleaners. Budgeting and garnering practical tips to help your dollars stretch makes sense when educating at home!

Irony of War: Unsung Medical Heroes of the Great War - Benjamin and Cady Crosby, Camden Room


There are many tales of heroism and self-sacrifice during the Great War. The heroes behind the lines who were organized to repair wounds are the focus of this moving presentation. Benjamin and Cady have chosen to focus on the work of the medical teams who ministered to soldiers from injury to their final destinations. In this presentation, they'll teach you about the medical system during World War I. They'll challenge you to acknowledge the sacrifices these personnel made. And they'll inspire you to imitate their heroism, and become "modern day stretcher bearers." 


The Importance of Play in the Early Years - Raylene Hunt


Free College at Your Fingertips - Jean Burk


Are you ready to make $500 an hour? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this much in scholarships for college. Author, Jean Burk, will teach you two important concepts: how to get into the college of your choice, and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. You will learn methods of receiving substantial scholarships that go beyond tuition and may include room and board, graduate school, and money to study abroad! Unlock the keys to finding free college at your fingertips!

Time for Q and A! - Carolyn Simonds, Rockport Room


Developing and Drafting a SEP - Faith Berens


Does your child have a learning disability or perhaps severe special needs? Have you pulled your child out of public school where he used to have an IEP (individual education plan)? Participants will learn the purposes and benefits of writing an SEP, student education plan, the homeschool version of an IEP. This workshop also provides guidance in how to draft an SEP. Participants will look at sample student education plans, receive a template of a Student Education Plan, and a resource list of books that will assist them in drafting their own homeschool student education plan.

Boys to Men: Growing Our Boys to Be Leaders in the Home - Travis Zimmerman


Godly men are increasingly under attack on many fronts, leaving many men and boys diminished, or, at least, confused as to their roles within relationships, families, and society at large. Instructed by a father of 4 boys, this workshop centers on Christ's servanthood model by offering practical lessons and tips to help families raise boys to be leaders in their homes.

Four Immortal Chaplains: Legacy of Virtue - Benjamin and Cady Crosby



Don't Leave the Arts for Last - Panel of Veteran Homeschoolers


Before Phonics: The Missing Ingredient in Reading - Faith Berens



We all know that phonics is a must in teaching our children to read, but what about phonemic awareness? What is it and why is it important? Have a child who is not "getting" phonics, or struggling with beginning reading instruction? Or perhaps you have a child who has "sloppy speech" or doesn't seem to "hear" things correctly? Poor phonemic awareness could be partly to blame. This session will provide parent-teachers with an understanding of phonemic awareness skills and how these skills (or lack thereof) impact a child's ability to become a proficient reader. Participants will receive a phonemic awareness assessment that can be used at home, take part in interactive activities in order to "play" with phonemic awareness, and be given a list of curricula, materials and games that address these important, foundational skills. 

Help! Technology is Invading My Home!  - Travis Zimmerman


Young Entrepreneurs - Benjamin Crosby


At 12 years old, Benjamin Crosby, along with his sister, Cady, started an educational non-profit called Titanic Heroes. Benjamin has learned a great deal about what it entails to start and run an organization! But before Titanic Heroes began, Benjamin was a young entrepreneur, making money through dog walking. lawn mowing, etc. To find out why Benjamin believes teaching entrepreneurship to young people is important, come see this inspiring presentation.

The World of Barilla Taylor - Kathi Kearney


God's Homegrown Remedies - Zach and Kim Mazone, Schooner Room


HLEP! My Kids Can't Spell! - Faith Berens


This session addresses the importance of spelling, and presents the developmental stages of spelling. In addition, various strategies, techniques and fun, hands-on, multi-sensory methods of spelling practice are shared. Several specialized spelling programs and strategies are discussed, as well. The goal is to transform students from "I'm a terrible speller" to "I'm a good speller!"  

Priceless Jewels: Hiding God's Word in Your Heart - Travis Zimmerman


King David knew the power of memorizing God's Word, professing in Psalm 119:11, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Guided by a student of God's Word, who has committed over 1.500 verses to memory in the past 12 years, this workshop shares the amazing benefits, simple strategies and fun tactics of regularly committing God's Word to memory.

How GK Chesterton Taught Me to Love Poetry - Cady Crosby


Cady never liked poetry until she fell in love with the writings of Gilbert Keith Chesterton. His epic poem, Lepanto, was what made her see how truly beautiful poetry can be, and why it is so important to study. In this presentation, Cady will be looking not only at poetry, but also at how poetry influenced GK Chesterton. She will also talk about her theory on how poetry should be studied and why.


Experiential Learning: Make it Count! - Kathi Kearney, Penobscot Room


U2 Can S.T.R.U.M. for Life! Celia Jones