HOME Digital Portfolio Reviews

Simply Submit by Email!

HOME portfolio review options now include an electronic version. Your portfolio can be emailed to HOME. Only the teacher reviewing the portfolio will view the digital file, and all files will be deleted once the review is complete and assessment letter is sent.


Portfolios can be completed on your computer and sent electronically or saved to a flash drive and mailed to the HOME office at PO Box 159, Camden, ME 04843.


* If you already registered for a mail-in portfolio review and would like to change your registration to a digital review, please contact us to make this change and request the digital file. 


What Others Are Saying

"WOW! What a fantastic process with the electronic format. We loved it. This process took away           all the expense and worry of mailing a physically heavy package at the post office."



How It Works

The digital portfolio file includes all of the pages that are required in a portfolio, including subject cover pages, reading lists, field trip logs, journal entries, and an attendance sheet. All of these pages can be easily typed into to include information about the subjects and material covered.
There are also 8 pages per subject for you to insert either .pdf or .jpg images of your work samples. Since 2 samples per subject, per quarter are required, there are 8 pages per subject included. We realize that some subjects are not covered for the entire year, so some pages may be left blank.
Once your file is complete, email it to HOME for review by one of HOME's Maine certified teachers! You will receive your assessment results by email or mail, whichever you prefer. 

* Mac users will need to download a free .pdf editor in order to insert work samples. PDF expert has been tested with HOME's digital file and offers a free 7-day trial.


Pre-register Today!


Pre-registration for a digital portfolio review is non-refundable. Once your registration is complete, the digital file will be emailed to you within 24 - 36 hours. If you do not receive it or would like to change your registration to the mail-in version, please email Connie Overlock.