HOME's 32nd Annual Convention:                "The Joy of Homeschooling!"

HOME's 2022 "Joy of Homeschooling" Conference has a new link with more current info. Please find all the details of this virtual event here.

March 17 - 19, 2022 Virtually via Zoom

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HOME 2022 Convention Mini Magazine

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Top Reasons to Attend Each Year!

What will "The Joy of Homeschooling" Convention offer you?


1. Books, books and more books! This event is a place to see, touch and ask questions about all those homeschool and educational products that you have seen online and in homeschool magazines and catalogs. Knowledgeable experts and experienced veterans will be standing by to help you find your way through the curriculum maze!  


2. Bargains! Many exhibitors offer special discounts during the event. HOME offers a wide selection of used curriculum and resources, as well! 


3. Inspiration! Speakers, workshops and panel discussions bring you education and new information to use as you parent and teach your children. Encouragement and support fosters enthusiasm and a renewed spirit. Your family deserves to have you at your best!


4. Family fun and fellowship at a great resort location! We want you to enjoy your time with your HOME community, so we offer plenty of family friendly activities, and lots of time to socialize with other homeschoolers! Where else can you find such a reasonably priced family or winter getaway with something for everyone?


5. Connections! Attend year after year to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. You will continually connect with new people and cultivate existing relationships. Building strong networks with other homeschoolers is vital to your success!


6. Time alone with your spouse! For some couples, this event is the only time during the year that they have a chance to be together to reconnect as a couple, and refocus on specific needs and goals for their children.


7. Motivation! This is just the place to fill up your tank. Don’t stay stuck in a rut. Get out and get going again!


8. Hands-on Activities! Many exhibitors offer family friendly, hands-on activities to engage attendees, young and old alike.


9. Educational Programs! Workshop tracks especially for families and teens, as well as other special programs are always a part of the event. Everyone learns and grows!


10. Volunteer Opportunities! For many families, this annual event offers the chance to give something back to the homeschool community. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.


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