"Lead the Way HOME"                       2020 Convention Exhibitors

Your resource needs are important to us!

Our 2020 event will feature products and services that are exciting, unique, and of interest to parents, teachers and the homeschool community. Watch this page for the latest additions to the exhibitor list for the upcoming event in March. As the time draws near, there will be a more complete listing. 


If you would like to be an exhibitor, or learn more about other advertising options through HOME, please contact us HERE!  


Exhibit Hall Hours 

Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 12:30pm - 5:30pm

Friday, March 20, 2020 - 8:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 8:30am - 3:00pm 


For those who are not planning to attend the entire event, but would like to shop - The exhibit halls are open to the public for a limited amount of time each day. The cost of admission is $15/adult and $8/child (under age 2 is free). With several large exhibit areas to cover, and the number of exhibitors, three hours will go by quickly. You can maximize your exhibit hall time by combining one paid exhibit hall shopping time with one free! Find out more about registering for "exhibit hall only" shopping.


Thursday - 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Friday - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Saturday - Noon - 3:00pm


Do you have something you'd like to donate to this year's auction fundraiser? Contact Karen Tolman at kmegrant@gmail.com. Thank you!


2020 Convention Exhibitor Discounts & Specials
Be sure to download this list to carry with you to the 2020 HOME Convention. It lists all of the Discounts, Giveaways and Specials that the Exhibitors will be offering during convention.
Convention 2020 Discounts.pdf
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2020 Convention Sponsors and Exhibitors

* Please contact Mary Collier at mary4homeadv@gmail.com or 207.475.6388 if you'd like to help sponsor our 30th Annual "Lead the Way HOME" 2020 Convention!  


More 2020 Exhibitors (So Far!)

2020 Interactive Exhibitors (So Far!)

These exhibitors will be providing interactive experiences at their booths. Opportunities for hands-on activities for children and families will be offered throughout the event during times when the exhibit halls are open. 


Creation Reading Course

This interactive booth will include a coloring page, magnets to match cursive with book print and arrange in alphabetical order, alphabet phonogram drill, and "Sound it" and "Sound it and Phrase it" games.


Camp Lawroweld

Interested in a real experience with God in nature? Want to find object lessons that the finger of God has written for us to find in His handiwork? Come by our booth and gain some first-hand experience in a mini excursion into God's great lesson book and find His lesson for you.


Creation to Re-Creation 

Come by our booth and let the children make their own poster of the Days of Creation. If you think that the 'story behind the story' is too complicated to understand, come by our booth. If the truth REALLY matters to you, irrespective of what the 'majority' wants you to believe, come by our booth! And if you're just curious, come by, too.


Entering Wedge Media

Kids Health Safari! Stop by and enjoy a safari excursion! Learn about animals that roam the savannah and what they can teach you about being healthy and happy. Get ready to experience hands-on activities that will examine how well your health habits match up to these creatures.   


Feeding His Lambs Ministries   

Featuring many tools for giving children, God's precious lambs, a deep love for the Bible. Are you a parent wanting to see your child's life changed by the transforming power of God's Word? Are you a teacher wanting to see your class captivated by the power of the Bible? Then stop by and check out our many Bible and nature crafts. See how digital felt graphics make the Bible come alive in a wholesome way! Children get to make their own special lamb picture with real wool and other crafts.


Learning Station

Get on the Reading Train! Stop by the Learning Station booth to read, play the Train Game and sing along to songs in the Music Store on an iPad, Kindle Fire or Google Tablet. Sign up for a daily raffle to win Promo Codes for the apps. 


The Look Book 

This interactive booth will involve our mascot Hunter the Owl. We like to call it "Hunter is Here!" Several Hunters will be placed around the exhibitor's room holding letters that will spell a word. Last year the other exhibitors enjoyed the opportunity to bring people to their booths while the children and their parents LOOKed for Hunter. When all the Hunters holding a letter are found the participant will unscramble the letters to spell a word. Returning with the word to my booth, they will receive a little prize and be entered into a drawing for their own Hunter the Owl. 


Maine Studies Workbook

Diane Simmler's Maine Studies Workbook has been newly updated in honor of Maine's 200th birthday! In celebration, there will be a children's scavenger hunt taking place all three days of the convention. Throughout the vendor halls, look for Maine State Symbols, then ask the vendor hosting that symbol for the sticker to place on your sheet. When all 20 symbols have been found, come to the HOME Table to choose a prize. Participation worksheets will be available at Registration, and the HOME Table.


Martel Learning Group

This Educational Consultant booth will house a live and interactive survey to better visualize the importance and values of homeschooling.  With texting answers to questions that will rotate at regular intervals through the length of the convention, Martel Learning Group project on a live screen the answers to polling, visual word clouds, and even mapping questions like:


* Why I homeschool?

* Where are the best locations for Maine Bicentennial learning experiences?

* What were my biggest successes this year? etc. 


You are not alone in the homeschooling movement.  Come and see and help support homeschools.


NNEC Children's Ministry of SDA

Health Expo Program - coming again to the convention by popular demand! Interactive health learning stations teach children how to cultivate health habits that will make them "Ten Times Wiser."


Paparazzi Accessories

At this booth, visitors will find a map of Maine for kids to color and label. Parents can assist by adding their name and email, and then submitting it for a drawing. The winner will be drawn at the end of the convention for a prize (non jewelry related). Winners will be contacted about their prize.  


Polliwog Pages

Polliwog Pages encourages parents to make writing fun by including it throughout the day. Those who visit the Polliwog Pages booth at the convention will enjoy interactive storytelling games, as well as a working manual typewriter and other writing tools of yesteryearYvonne will be on hand to demonstrate products and services!


Rooted in Essentials (doTerra) 

Come by to learn about how essential oils work with three of your five senses. Also, come by to find coloring pages that will teach you about the plants that some essential oils come from. We look forward to seeing you!


Snow Pond Center for the Arts 


TeenPact Leadership Schools

Come visit  our booth and pick up a  “State of Maine Fact Sheet” questionnaire.  All completed sheets returned to the TeenPact table (1 hour before vendor halls close each day) will be entered into a daily drawing.


Usborne Books & More

Throughout the event, children will be able to engage in a variety of science experiments at this booth, including the following:

* Seeing Things – Make a Flipbook

* Stable Structures – Marshmallow and Spaghetti Structures

* Under Pressure – Make the diver in the bottle swim

* Static Electricity – Be a snake charmer

* Making Butter – Shake your way to breakfast

* Butterfly Search – Make a butterfly feeder 

*All in the Mind – Remember long lists


Wilson Museum

Stop by the Wilson Museum’s table for a look at and taste of colonial history. As an extension of their summer demonstrations, the Wilson Museum will demonstrate the chair caning process and show how butter was made during the colonial period. Sample butter on some homemade bread and, if you’re lucky, top it off with some of their homemade jelly. Take some colonial history home with you by purchasing a bread starter packet. We bet you’ll think history never tasted so good. 


2020 Event Bag Contributors