HOME Portfolio Reviews by Mail

Preparing Your Portfolio

When preparing your portfolio for annual assessment, focus mainly on including evidence of the following things:


     - All the required subject areas set forth in your letter of intent

     - 175 days of instruction (attendance chart)

     - Demonstration of student progress with 2 work samples per quarter, per subject.  Consider using the weakest samples from the beginning of the year, improving samples from the middle of the year, and the best samples from the end of the year so that the student progress is obvious.  Additionally, if you use standard curriculum with tests, consider giving the unit test before you begin the unit and then again at the end for comparison.


For more information and specific details for setting up your portfolio, please read through the Portfolio Packet at the bottom of this page in its entirety.


NEW! As a convenience for your family, HOME is now offers pre-assembled portfolios. Included is a 3-inch binder, subject dividers, plastic sheet protectors, all required pages, and simple instructions. Just fill in the required information, add work samples and submit! Find out more here!


Mail-in or Drop-Off your portfolio for review!

Our Portfolio Review Packet provides assembly instructions, helpful tips, a wide variety of record keeping pages, and all essential information needed to complete and prepare a portfolio to mail-in or drop-off at the HOME Office for individual review by a Maine certified teacher.


To participate, please complete the online pre-registration form below or the printable form included in the packet, and submit to HOME prior to June 1 to take advanage of the early-bird discount. Then mail or drop off your completed portfolio to HOME by July 1.


Missed the deadlines? Rest easy. HOME reviews portfolios throughout the year! (Early-bird discount rates will not apply.)


If you have any questions, please contact the HOME Office at 207-763-2880 or homeschl@midcoast.com

Complete Mail-In Portfolio Packet 2019-2020
Please print and read through the entire packet, following directions, carefully. Make copies of pages as needed.
Mail in Portfolio Packet 2019-2020.pdf
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