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Giving Back Is Easy!


HOME believes that parents will succeed and children will thrive in a homeschool environment when resources and support are readily available. As Maine's premiere non-profit homeschool organization, HOME is always available to provide homeschool families with accurate information, care and quality of service to help them achieve their goals.  

There are so many ways that you can contribute to the work of HOME! 

15 EZ Ways to Support HOME
It's easy to support the work of HOME, from saving your cans and bottles to shopping online and designating your cash back earnings for HOME. Please download, print and share to help get the word out and support HOME's ministry to homeschooling families!
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Share HOME with Your Church, Too!


Guiding and strengthening the family during their homeschool journey can come by way of the local church, as well. Many churches desire to support families in successfully educating their own children. HOME wishes to partner with the local church to further meet the growing needs of homeschool families throughout Maine. HOME's brochure for pastors is the first step in making resources more readily available to homeschool families within local church congregations. 


Please download and share our brochure with your pastor.


HOME Brochure for Pastors
This brochure outlines ways in which HOME and the local church can partner together to strengthen the family.
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15 Reasons to Support Your State Organization

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME)...


  • helps families get started in homeschooling year round.
  • provides telephone counseling to help homeschoolers year round.
  • is a non-profit, 501C-3 ministry-based organization run by a volunteer board of directors and trained leadership teams.
  • is a reliable, knowledgeable and accurate source of information regarding homeschooling in Maine.
  • provides up-to-the minute news and articles of interest via printed resources, mailings, email updates, website, facebook and twitter.
  • stays up to date on issues affecting homeschooling in our state.
  • maintains a liaison with state elected officials, and constantly works to preserve and protect homeschooling in Maine.
  • maintains a network of HOME Representatives throughout the state to provide guidance and support to new and veteran homeschoolers.
  • organizes many events and field trips throughout the year to encourage and equip homeschoolers.
  • conducts portfolio reviews.
  • holds an annual convention.
  • holds an annual used curriculum sale.
  • holds an annual high school graduation ceremony.
  • reinvests all monies earned back into homeschooling in Maine.
  • has fought the good fight for homeschooling rights for nearly 30 years.


 Thank you for your support!