Thank You!

Homeschoolers of Maine would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all of our faithful supporters in 2019. Because of your gifts last year, we were able to send out 18 Kits for Kids, offer scholarships for curriculum at HOME's inventory clearance sales, give convention passes to families in need, and provide portfolio reviews to those who couldn't afford them. Because of their vision for the future, HOME continues its active ministry to new families and veterans alike, and stays alert to any threats to our homeschool freedoms every day throughout the year. Join this growing list of supporters to keep HOME and homeschooling going strong!


Our 2019 Supporters

VIP Families

Shepard Bosworth

James & Heidi Wight

Michael Blackwood

K. Paul & Caryn Flanigan

Founding Families

Aaron Aspinall & Erin Glendenning

Jack and Stacey Barker

Joshua & Laura Bean

Tonya Carter

Daryl and Michelle Collomy

Bob and Amy Decker

Mike and Jessica Gary

Seth Johnson

Brandon and Megan Jones

David & Tammy Knights

Lifesource Ministries

Tracey Lopez

Patrick and Connie Overlock

David & Rosemary Tope

John Ustach

Randy & Terri Washington

Chris and Tiffany Wilcoxson

Friends of  Families

Donna Baughman

Richard & Terry Beaulieu

Ryan & Tonya Bragg

Tony & Karen Bowman

Robin & Lennie Charbonneau

Raychel Coombs

Clarissa Cote

Jenny Davidson

Robert & Shari Estes

Jesse Eyerman

Christopher & Emily Field

Crystal Goodfield

Kathy Gould

Virginia Gumaer

Frank Haddad

Christopher & Sarah Haywood

Rowemary Kane

Tim & Wanda Kezar

Christine Lister

Jolene Martin

Sam & Melissa McKeen

Deb McKeown

Debbie Nordengren

Alexander Peppe

Jennifer Perry

Walter & Kimberly Pierce

Danielle Pottle

Julie Ready

Lora Reckendorf

Paul Salley

Kimberly Spear

Nancy Spear

Kristine Stevens

Karen Tolman

Adria van den Berg

Jonathan & Kendra Watkins

Robert Williams

Alexander Silva & Jaime Weed

Subcriber Families

 Susan Belz

Shawn Brown

Charles Birdsall III

Elizabeth Caruso 

Jonathan and Ann Dowdy

Jennifer Hartsgrove

Jose and Solenny Herrara

Megan Hills

Courtney Hillock

Matthew & Valerie Lecher

Victoria Lemieux

Sharon Mathews

Eric & Amanda O'Donnell

Annabelle Paghiligan-Wall

David & Joyce Tarr

Matthew Scott

Amanda Smith

Darcy Steele

Stacy Veevers-Carter

Andrew Williams