Thank You!

Homeschoolers of Maine would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all of our faithful supporters in 2020. Because of your gifts during the year, we are able to send out many Kits for Kids during the Christmas season, offer scholarships for curriculum at HOME's inventory clearance sales, give HOME resources to families in need, and provide portfolio reviews to those who aren't able to afford them. Because of your vision for the future, HOME continues its active ministry to new families and veterans alike, and stays alert to any threats to our homeschool freedoms every day throughout the year.


Join this growing list of supporters to keep HOME and homeschooling going strong!


Our 2021 Supporters (so far!)

Lifetime Families

Sheri Allen

Jonathan and Stacey Barker 

Gregory and Arielle Moore

James & Heidi Wight

VIP Families

Michael Blackwood

John Frary

Founding Families

Aaron Aspinall & Erin Glendenning 

John & Sharon Bulley

Lennie & Robin Charbonneau

Daryl and Michelle Collomy

Linda Collins

Timothy & Amanda Coombs

Larry & Miriam Curtis

Patrick & Theresa Desmond

Liz Dunne

Noelle Ellis

Will Fitzugh

Ed & Kathy Green

Molly Lord

Linda Lowe-Jordan

Lapointe's Lawn and Garden Center

Lifesource Ministries

NicK & Betty Marchesseault

Rebekah Mower

Dawn Murray

Patrick & Connie Overlock

Jacob & Monique Paris

Nathan Peterson

Angela Richter

Rock of Ages Bible Church

Christopher & Sarah Smith

Todd & Bridgett Wagner

Randy & Terri Washington

Chris & Tiffany Wilcoxson

Devin Wison & Augusta Papp

Dawn Woodard

Defender of  Families

Tamay Alpander

Lisa Anderson

Rebecca Bailey

Jennifer Barker

Amanda Bell

Richard & Terry Beaulieu

Rosanna Beiler

Kerry Brown

William & Autumn Boyd

Tara Clarke

Amanda Coombs

Ed & Nancy Deveau

Jonica Garland

Glen & Dawn Guiltner

William & Meaghan Grimes

Jennie Haluska

Jacob Hielscher

Sandra Kearney

Sarah Kuhn

Jessica Leavitt

Virginia MacFawn

Kathleen McCall

Gene & Ellen McDaniel

Ed & Kim OBrion

James & Robin Ogden

Ginger Pearl

Alanna Rich

Chris & Kirsten Richardson

Ellen Santana

Adam  & Sierra Thacker

Christopher Uphouse & Kathleen McCall

John & Kathleen Walton

Brian & Lynn Warman

Stacey Wescott

Friends of  Families

Spencer Anderson

Eric Bailey

Jessie Boda

Robert & Yvonne Borelli-Chace

Frank & Kathleen Buiniskas

Elizabeth Caruso

Luke Chiavelli

James Church

Jennifer Davidson

Amy Dunnells

Bobbi-Jo Estes

Laura Farrington

Christopher & Emily Field

Julie Fitzgerald

Dawn Gastia

Johnee Gorneau

Lyndsay Hastings

Andrea Holmes

Aubrey Jordan

Nancy Durand-Lanson

Ann Langley

Kelly Levesque

Ashlea Loring

Michelle Mackie-Benner

John & Lenora Miller

Andrew Parker

Kelley Rambo

Mike Rinehart

Sharon Rowley

Robert Roy

Seamus Schunk

Amanda Smith

Samantha Smith

Rebekah Sousa

Chelsea Spear

Kimberley Spender

Jamie Storey

Brandon Thibodeau

Kendra Watkins

Aimee Wilkins

Rebekah Williams

Stephanie Willis

Joel & Laura Young


Subcriber Families

Troy & Kimberly Anthony

Jen Azara

Celina Beaulieu

Melissa Buonopane

Tony & Karen Bowman

Noah Bryant

Amanda Caruso

Cheryl Chalkley

Daniel & Wendy Coffin

Theodore & Bonnie Collins

Cozy Nook Industries

Andria Deitrick

Nancy Durand-Lanson

Shannon Emery

Jill Fogg

Natalie Griggs

Megan Hills

Linda Lowe-Jordan

Ropiak Lindsay

Melissa McVey

Amanda Moore

Ryan & Breanna Moulton

Kahsi Paradis

Joshua & Kelsey Rowland

Rachel Rowland

Brandi Schunk

Lana Wescott

Amanda West