Founding Families

Thank You for Being There!


Comments from some of HOME's Founding Families:  


Taylor and Christine Martens --


"As a homeschooling family of 27 years, we are forever grateful for the support, resources, and dedication of Homeschoolers of Maine. Their commitment to the Maine homeschooling movement is monumental. Whether offering advice on how to get started in homeschooling, showcasing many resources and curricula at the bookstore, or educating us regarding legislative initiatives while advocating for the freedom to homeschool, they have been an invaluable force that has allowed us to flourish in our homeschool environment.


The annual HOME convention is a huge encouragement to us. We look forward to gathering each spring to hear the terrific speakers and peruse many different curricula at the exhibit hall. We meet up with other homeschooling families that we may only see once a year but have become treasured friends. Thank you, Ed and Kathy Green, for all you have done to make homeschooling a freedom and success in the state of Maine! (Children: Oldest son – Captain in the U.S. Army/ Apache Pilot, 2nd son – B.A. Finance, Daughter – to pursue Nursing Degree in Fall of 2017.)"


John N. Frary --


"The characteristic of homeschooled students that impresses me most is their ease with adults.  They are polite. They shake hands firmly. They look adults in the eye. These qualities are exceptional among public school students, who seem to lack self-confidence when meeting their elders."  (Retired History and Political Science Professor, Columnist.)


Chris and Tiffany Wilcoxson --


"We are very grateful for the role HOME has played in our life. When we moved to Maine, not only did we not know much about homeschooling, we knew no one who was homeschooling. HOME kept us from 'reinventing the wheel' when it came to homeschool, kept us from making mistakes that we most certainly would have made alone, but most of all connected us with a community of fellow homeschoolers that have become dear friends and companions along the way."


Pat and Connie Overlock --


"When we began homeschooling 24 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing or where to turn. We are so grateful that HOME was there, from the start, to help us in choosing curriculum, and give us advice and encouragement when we didn't think we could continue. HOME was there when we needed curriculum because our son wanted to study the Byzantine Empire. HOME was there with a Convention Scholarship when our oldest son was in a severe car accident. HOME was there when our first child started high school, and I'm so grateful they are still there as our final son begins his high school years. I (Connie) am grateful now to be serving with HOME to offer the same advice and encouragement that we have received over the years."


Raylene Hunt --


"I homeschooled for 15 years as a single mom. I couldn't have done it without support and encouragement from HOME. I'm thrilled that God has provided the opportunity for me to pay it forward by supporting HOME as they continue to help and encourage other homeschooling families in their journey."