Homeschooling and Copyright Law

What can and can't we copy?


Presentation: Homeschooling and Copyright Laws - What are Our Responsibilities and Limitations?

Presenter: David P. Crocker Attorney at Law 


Interest in homeschooling has exploded! As homeschoolers and leaders in our community, we want to do our best to provide new families with helpful information and resources. Why do copyrights matter? What can and can't we copy and share with others? Attorney David Crocker will help us to understand copyright laws, so that we are better equipped to teach our children and serve in our social media communities. Please join us for this free presentation.  


David P. Crocker

David has practiced law for thirty years both as a US lawyer and British solicitor. His practice is international, and he has extensive experience in information technology, licensing and intellectual property law, data protection, and privacy and security.


David is a graduate of Gordon College, Durham University (UK) and the University of Maine School of Law, where he earned his JD magna cum laude and was production editor of the Maine Law Review.  He is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts in Maine and New Hampshire, the First US Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of England and Wales.