Maine Immunization Laws

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Tune in to learn about changes in the Maine Immunization Law, and how it impacts you as a homeschooling family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean that any homeschool student that is not fully vaccinated cannot participate in any program that is funded through the state?


There are hundreds of programs funded through the state. They all have their own requirements. You will have to contact the director of the program you are interested in to determine if your unvaccinated child can participate.


Will sports or taking one class at the local high school or participating In the school’s gym or after school theater program be prohibited?


If the superintendent is conscientiously applying the law, then he will not allow a student who is out of compliance with the immunization law to participate in any activity at the school.


Will this affect a high school student’s ability to enroll in dual enrollment through the University of Maine or community colleges?


Applying the law, strictly as read, any homeschooler who wants to participate in the Early College for Me program through a Maine university must be fully vaccinated.


How is the vote on the referendum going to change homeschooling in Maine?


The new immunization law won’t change any homeschool requirements.


If I homeschool my child and choose not to vaccinate, am I correct to say that they will not be allowed to attend college, including online school?


Either your child will need to get caught up on their vaccinations, or they will not be allowed to attend a public or private college in Maine.


Does the law prevent my homeschooled child from doing activities through a local recreation department or does it only include sports through a school?


You will need to check on the requirements that apply for that program.


Will homeschool students, who are not vaccinated, be allowed to participate in driver’s ed programs that take place in the public school?


If a student is not fully immunized, a superintendent who is correctly applying the law, is going to exclude that child.


Are online learning options acceptable?


The law states that a superintendent may not enroll or allow a student to attend unless he is immunized.


Are co-ops going to be considered private schools under this law?


No, a co-op is simply a group of people cooperating to provide education. However, if a school has been created, then that school must comply with the immunization law.


What about the recognized private school option, will those be affected even if they are only for administrative purposes and no one meets for classes?


Yes, they will be impacted if the administrator is following the law. The law applies, not only to physical attendance, but even to enrollment.


Will my kids be able to participate in any extra-curricular events, summer camps, sports, theater?


You will have to check the requirements for the individual program.


Is there any avenue left for repealing or changing the law?


Yes, elect legislators who highly value individual freedoms!


Can we use Titer tests or disease history in place of vaccine records to fulfill the requirements?


Yes, if you can document, with laboratory evidence, that a child has immunity to that disease because they have been exposed to it. Titer tests are acceptable, and disease history if it is provided by a doctor.


Can I be accused of neglecting or abusing my child if I don’t immunize them according to law?


Neglect and abuse laws are meant to protect children from a dangerous situation where the threat is imminent.

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