Visiting with Your Legislator

In this short video featuring Jeremiah Lorrig, Deputy Director of Generation Joshua, you'll learn three easy steps for meeting with your legislators! 


You Can Make a Difference!

The most effective lobbyists on any issue are often a legislator’s own constituents!

Homeschool moms, dads and kids can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining homeschool freedom. Please make it a point to visit your legislator and let him/her know how you feel about homeschooling!  

Things to Remember

Here are some important things to remember and do during any legislative session:  

  • Attend legislative hearings regarding homeschool legislation. Be sure to let your legislator know that you are there. 
  • If you have come to the state house as a family for a hearing, remember that this may be the only time that legislators see whole families present there. Take advantage of this to create a warm and positive feeling. 
  • If you cannot attend a legislative hearing, send a post card from your area. 
  • Remember that your legislators are looking for help from you! They are looking for ways to make you happy! 
  • Encourage your teens to join TeenPact – Some legislators call TeenPact volunteers, the homeschoolers’ “secret weapon!” 
  • Invite legislators to support group functions…science fairs, recitals, art exhibits, etc. Plan a dinner in their honor. 
  • Remember that legislators are the least busy in January. 
  • Pray for your legislators!

Your Visit

  • Remember that your most important job is to put a positive face on homeschooling. 
  • Keep the vision before you. There are many who are radically opposed to homeschooling, and whole-heartedly in favor of public education. We must continue to be a shining light for homeschooling. 
  • Keep the focus simple…maintaining homeschool freedom. 
  • Build and maintain a relationship with your legislator. Introduce yourself as a homeschooler from their district. Legislators love their constituents. The most effective way to lobby is one on one. Find your state senator. Find your state representative
  • Legislators will speak with your children with ease. Teach them to answer questions: Why aren’t you in school today? What grade are you in? Do you like homeschooling? 
  • Dress nicely, be polite…you are there to honor, love and bless your legislator. Thank them and show appreciation for their service to our state. 
  • Legislators cannot read everything – give them sound bites…short bits of information that they would feel comfortable sharing with their colleagues, school officials, etc. Use words that they understand. Possible sound bites might include: parent directed, home-based, family funded, time tested, proven successful, etc. 
  • Bring a good report of homeschooling. 
  • Bring gifts…cookies, valentines, cards and certificates of appreciation. 
  • Bring invitations to the annual homeschooling convention, so that they can learn more about homeschooling and meet hundreds of homeschoolers. Be sure to make it clear that they would not be there to campaign. 
  • Be sure to let them know that a national study has indicated that 94% of all homeschoolers vote. 
  • Learn how to address the most commonly asked questions: Socialization, accountability, those who are truant, etc. 
  • Follow up when you cannot answer the question. You do not need to know all the answers.