Dirigo HOME

New Program for Teens!

Dirigo means "I lead!" Now homeschooling teens (12 and up) can learn both independently and together as a group about leadership while gaining high school credits. 


Through Dirigo HOME, students will learn more about Maine History, and fulfill the Maine Studies requirement for 7th graders and up. They will learn civic responsibility, leadership and community service through hands-on activities and field trips. Some will participate in National History Day, visit with state and community leaders, complete special projects, and more! 


Dirigo HOME Flier
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Dirigo HOME can be included as part of your homeschool program! For each unique portion of the program, a homeschool teacher/facilitator will guide students through the learning process utilizing online meeting tools, community and museum programs and leaders, field trips, research and literature.

Each part of the program will be valued at one credit. HOME will provide certificates of completion to students for each part of the program successfully completed. Homeschool parents will be responsible for awarding credits upon completion, and adding them to the student's transcript. 

Goals and Objectives

* To provide a mechanism for community building


Dirigo HOME will provide a means for community building and developing a sense of camaraderie among homeschoolers ages 12 and up. 


* To provide an in depth study of Maine History through Maine's leaders of the past


Maine Studies (Fall Semester, 1 credit) - Dirigo HOME will introduce Maine History through notable Maine historical figures. Students will use primary sources, literature and field trips to learn more about some of the leaders of our great state, such as: 

Joshua Chamberlain

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Father John Bapst

Hannibal Hamlin

Maine Governors

Tribal Governors

Rachel Carson

Margaret Chase Smith

L.L. Bean

E.B. White

Robert Perry

Neal Dow


To view a recent webinar describing this course, click below:


* To provide leadership training and instill a desire to give back


Leading with Honor (Spring Semester, 1 credit) - Dirigo HOME will provide mentoring for leadership development, civic responsibility and community service. The program will include leadership training, examples of good leaders from Maine's past and present to research, a trip to the State Capitol, HOME internships and choosing, planning and executing a final service project to benefit the Maine homeschool community.


* To introduce homeschoolers to National History Day


History (September - April, 1 credit) - Through Dirigo HOME, students will learn historical researching skills, and take a trip to the Maine State Museum and Archives and the Maine Historical Society in Portland. Students will then choose a project based on the 2016 National History Day theme in order to compete in the 2016 NHD event!


Methods of Program Delivery

Teacher guided sessions will be scheduled via Google Hangouts and Blackboard CourseSites. Field trips, museum and community programs, and homeschool community events will also be utilized. 

Teacher Profiles

Kathi Kearney


Kathi has served on the HOME Board for many years. She has worked with homeschooling families in Maine for more than 35 years, and helped to author Maine’s homeschool law. Kathi teaches gifted & talented students in Maine, is a Professional Associate with the Gifted Development Center in Westminster, Colorado, and teaches online courses for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.



Pastor Chris Wilcoxson 


Chris and his wife Tiffany are the founding pastors of Life Source Ministries in Brunswick, ME.  They are the newest members to the HOME Board of Directors, and have both been involved in homeschooling their six children from the beginning. Chris helps in the homeschool life of their family by teaching History and Bible. He is an active member of the HOME Legislative Team and is a strong supporter of Parental Rights. Chris has served under several great leaders in the Christian community to develop his own leadership skills, and has been mentored by Dr. Dean Radtke of the Ministry Institute. 




Bill Clarke

Bill and his wife, Ruth, homeschooled five children, the youngest having just left the nest! Bill is a member of the HOME Leadership Team, an entrepreneur, history buff and is passionate about teaching and technology.



More Details

Credit Value: 1 credit each in Maine Studies, Civic Responsibility and History (HOME will provide certificates of completion. Credits are to be awarded by parents upon completion.)


Schedule: Weekly schedules will be determined by the teachers.


Fee: $50 per credit, or $135 for the 3 credit program (Any required books, materials, or field trip costs are not included in the fee.)

Application Deadline: Still open for 2015! 


Applicants must be committed to:

  • Attend scheduled online classes and field trips
  • Complete class projects and assignments
  • Be involved in any scheduled community events or activities deemed part of the program


Download an Application 

Dirigo HOME Application
Please complete the application and return it to the HOME Office.
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