Homeschooling When Life Gets Hard

Focus on the Basics

If you have homeschooled for long, you know that families can encounter a personal crisis at any given time. Maybe an unexpected interruption brought you to homeschooling. At any time you feel like you need permission to focus on the basics, consider this 2-page guide.  Here are a few situations that might bring you to that place. 


1. Your family is moving.

2. A grandparent is moving in to be cared for.

3. A new baby is due and/or has arrived.

4. A family member is struggling through a critical illness.

5. Your kitchen is being renovated.

6. A family member has passed away.

7. There is a major job change.

8. A parent is on deployment.


Covid-19 and Other Interruptions

The libraries, museums, and parks are closed.    Co-ops, choirs, and sports leagues are shut down.

Now what?

--How do we add social interaction to our days?

--What can we do instead of field trips?

--Is it possible to help my child understand what is going on in this world right now?

--Can I survive homeschooling during a pandemic?

The answer is yes! HOME has compiled a list of links to  take you to places you may never have thought of before! We hope you find the help, and comfort you need here.


Emergency Homeschooling Essentials

You’re committed to homeschooling your kids. Ready for the long haul. Out of the blue, an unexpected event happens, and suddenly your world is upended. You are now in crisis mode. What if, as a homeschooler, you couldn’t get access to the curriculum or resources you wanted to use? This scenario is a very real possibility. In fact, to some degree, many homeschooling families are facing circumstances much like this right now. Over the past few weeks, life has looked very different than it normally does.  Consider preparing for your family’s future homeschooling needs by collecting a good supply of these essential resources so you will be ready for any circumstance that comes along. 


Preparedness for Homeschool Families

We are living in uncertain times. Inflation, skyrocketing gas and oil prices, supply chain issues, and labor shortages all point toward an unclear future where many scenarios are possible. A wise approach to this uncertain future is to do our best to prepare for whatever may be heading our way.


As homeschooling families, we understand the idea of personal responsibility. We take seriously the idea of looking after ourselves and our families to the best of our abilities, utilizing any of the tools we may have at our disposal. One of these important tools is our ability to plan ahead for the future. 


Read more by Kimberly Miller on the topic of preparedness. 


More Resources

Your Local Library - Find out how to use the resources available through your local library to enhance, or even develop your full curriculum!


Online Resources - Many free online resources!


HOME Regional Representatives - These regional leaders are a wealth of knowledge and support and can direct you to resources in your community.


Scholarships - Because sometimes you just need a blessing. 


Used Curriculum - Used curriculum donated to HOME throughout the year gives many families access to free or affordable used curriculum during major HOME events. is also a great resource for used curriculum.


Come Spring Food Pantry - HOME is “Families Helping Families to Homeschool with Confidence.” Part of HOME’s mission is to promote safe and healthy learning environments. Sometimes that means making sure that food and nutritional needs are secure for families in need. HOME has partnered with this community-based pantry to serve any homeschool family that may be experiencing food insecurity.