High School Transcripts

Here's What You Need to Know!

A high school transcript is as important to your child's future as a passport is to overseas travel. Knowing what kind of transcript your child needs depends on his/her future plans. To determine the type of transcript that will best meet your child's needs, check out the different transcript forms below and the situations in which you might use them.

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What is a transcript?

Transcripts are an academic record of the courses your teen completed in high school, and the credit and final grade earned for each course. Watch a short video for an overview of the various sections of a transcript.

Why do I need a transcript?

A transcript is the most important academic record of what a student has accomplished throughout their high school career. It contains a complete record of their courses and grades, as well as personal information like the student's age and home address. This important document may be requested by future employers, military enlistment officers, colleges and technical schools during the student’s application and admissions process. Some insurance companies also offer students a discounted rate if their GPA is 3.0 or higher.


Please read this article to find the requirements for a homeschool graduate enlisting in the military.

How should I store my transcript?

Because homeschool transcripts are the responsibility of the family, they are more vulnerable to loss and destruction. Preservation measures are very important. For safekeeping, store your transcript both as a computer file and as a paper copy in a secure place with other important family documents. In addition, file a copy in a cloud storage system, such as Dropbox.

What type of transcript do I need?

Below are sample transcripts provided by HSLDA:


SimpleWord file |  PDF file )


Detailed ( Word file | PDF file )

Use this type of transcript if your child will be applying to college.


Transcript by Subject ListWord file |  PDF file ) 

If your child is gifted or has special needs, you may choose to complete this type of transcript.


Blank Form (Word file PDF file)

For step by step instructions on how to create a transcript, consider these resources:


Transcript Preparation

The Essentials of High School Record Keeping

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