HOME Unit Studies

Add a little spice to your curriculum with a HOME Unit Study! Homeschoolers of Maine has a variety of unit studies and guides to help cover various subject requirements, as well as to accompany some of the many HOME sponsored events and activities that have been held in the past. If you missed the opportunity to purchase one at a HOME event, you can order them by mail. If you missed participating in the event it was designed to supplement, you can still enjoy the special learning opportunities provided through any of the following unit studies!


Have you developed a unit study that you would like to share? Send your creation along to the HOME Office at homeschl@midcoast.com for consideration. This is a simple but wonderful way to supprt HOME and bless your fellow homeschoolers!


Current Unit Studies Available

NEW!  Sled Dogs - February through March is dog sledding season in North America. Famous races like the Iditarod and local races like the CanAm Crown are all taking place during this time.  This unit study is a great cabin fever reliever! You will learn about sled dogs and the work they do.  Learn about famous sled dogs like those that aided in the Serum Run of 1925 from Anchorage to Nome. Incorporate Maine Studies, too, while learning about sled dog racing right here at home!

NEW!  Library Skills Guide - Maine homeschoolers are required to cover library skills each year. We have created a new Library Skills Guide to assist you in completing this requirement.  This 15 page general guide will serve as an excellent springboard for your study.  It can be used during the course of a year or over several years, depending on the age of the student.


NEW!  Apples - As you enter the fall season, be sure to check out HOME's newest unit study, Apples.  Whether you are joining us in Hope for Back to Homeschool Day or planning your own field trip to a local apple orchard in your area, this unit study is a great way to cover the topic of apples across the various curriculum topics.  You'll even take a brief look at missions work.  Curious how?  You'll have to purchase your own copy and see!


BEST SELLER!  HOME Grown Gardens – This unit was designed to accompany the seed packets that families participating in HOME Grown Gardens Project receive.  This study easily stands alone as a guide that can be used to document gardening as an educational experience, and suggests activities to extend the gardening experience into many subject areas.


BEST SELLER!  Lost on a Mountain in Maine – This unit accompanies the book of the same title.  Most school children in Maine at some point encounter the story of Donn Fendler and the nine days he spent lost on Mount Katahdin.  This unit suggests many activities across the required subject areas of homeschooling.  It’s a great way to draw many learning lessons from a single story.


Backyard and Beyond:  A Unit Study of Maine Wildlife – Chickadees, Salamanders and Skunks, oh my!  This unit is designed to help children discover that wildlife is as close as their own backyard, as well as in the woods and animal parks around the state of Maine.   As well as activities that cross various subject areas of the curriculum, it lists wildlife rehabilitators and suggests field trips to various wildlife programs around the state.


Longfellow and Revere – This unit provides opportunities to research the American Revolution, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the classic poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and the lives of both Paul Revere and the famous Maine poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Junior Legislator Kit - Junior Legislators are acknowledged during Capitol Day events after completing a unit study designed specifically for use during Maine Home Education Week and Homeschool Day at the Capitol. The unit study can be used with students of all ages. Students will learn how a bill becomes a law in Maine, explore who our governing officials are, become familiar with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and look at ways to show patriotism.  Although the unit study is designed for a specific event, it can also be used at any time to help with Civics lessons..


Joshua L. Chamberlain and The Civil War - As Maine residents and parents, we have the opportunity to bring history lessons surrounding the Civil War to life with our very own hero, Joshua L. Chamberlain.  Among other sites in Maine, a trip to the Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum combined with this unit study will provide a great spring board for a more in depth study of the Civil War period in Maine's history.  This is a great supplement to any Maine Studies program, as well.


HOME Grown Gardens Unit Study, Volume 2 - The HOME Grown Gardens Project is a HOME tradition! We have designed a second unit study to accompany seed packet donations for participating families.  It contains all new resources, links and information.  This unit study can be used on it's own or in conjunction with our first HOME Grown Gardens Unit Study.  It can be used by those who are not participating in the actual HOME Grown Gardens Project, but would like to find ways to incorporate gardening into their homeschooling curriculum.


To order HOME Unit Studies by mail, please mail your request with a check made out to HOME for $7.00 per unit to the HOME Office, P.O. Box 159, Camden, ME 04843.


Unit Studies are also available in an eBook format (pdf file).   The suggested donation is $3 per each eBook requested.


  • Request by mail: To request the eBook version by mail, please send your request and a donation to the HOME Office, P.O. Box 159, Camden, ME 04843.  
  • Request online: To donate online, use PayPal.  The email address is homeschl@midcoast.com.  Please note  which unit study you are requesting.  The unit study will be sent to the email your PayPal donation comes from, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please allow two business days to receive your eBook, after HOME has received your request.